Review: Spider-Man: The Last Hunt by Kraven- Neil Kleid



The book Spider-Man: The Last Kraven Hunt is a novel adapted from the comics of JM DeMatteis and Mark Zeck. Originally, the story was released in 1987, divided into six parts and published in the respective comics: Web of Spider-Man, The Amazing Spider-Man and The Spectacular Spider-Man. Basically, the manuscript will tell the story of Peter parker you want to reveal your identity to Mary Jane Watson, his longtime girlfriend. Some things happen to make Peter's plans come out not exactly as the hero planned. In the meantime, Kraven the Hunter.

“However, now I know, spiderman. I understand, my deceived enemy. false truths were stripped away and the real beast revealed its face. here in my house, I face both my enemy and my most irritating opponent. and he is me. ”

The villain calls himself the greatest hunter in the world and for a long time, he has always taken the worst and accumulates in his villainous curriculum, numerous humiliating defeats. Son of Russian aristocrats, he decides to stand with his titles and in order to “clean his bar”, he launches on Web Man an ultimatum: destroy it. Kraven believes that Peter's destruction will be complete if he manages to kill him, taking over from the hero shortly after his annihilation.

Resenha: Homem-Aranha: A Última Caçada de Kraven- Neil Kleid 1
Cover | Photo / Reproduction: Editora Novo Século

In fact, it is a story of madness and tragedy. And that will arrest you from start to finish. I swear if it weren't for the plot and writing of Neil Kleid, I wouldn’t read the book in just a few hours, precisely because the edition is economical - remember when I said I’d tell you the reason? - The experience of reading a book in an economical format is something that makes any reader very upset for the simple reasons that the product does not contain such yellowed pages, ear and a pleasant font.

“(…) On top of each newspaper, under the heading, capital letters shouted three words in types of sixty points, above a well-composed archival photo of the spiderman, credited to Peter Parker: hero or threat? (…) ”

Speaking of the author, what a beautiful writing he has. Although it has been adapted in a graphic novel, he could add some things to graft the plot and make the book huge. But precisely because it was an adaptation of a comic, the reader who has contact with Spider-Man: The Last Kraven Hunt, you will find events very fast, with short chapters that will give you a speed in reading. Contained in five parts, a prologue and three epilogues, the book will be devoured.

Released by the publisher New Century, Spider-Man: The Last Kraven Hunt is part of an incredible collection, which in partnership with Marvel, brings to superhero fans, some good titles adapted from other comics, titles that deserve our attention and that without a doubt, is a great way to be immersed in the universe of comics.


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