Book Review: Collective Imaginary - Wesley Rodrigues


Resenha: Imaginário Coletivo - Wesley Rodrigues 1This is the first Brazilian title of the seal Darkside Graphic Novel. And the publisher already starts with a lot of responsibility by bringing us this work by the Brazilian Wesley Rodrigues.

Its history is dense and complex, passing through very well elaborated pages that delight the eyes of comic book fans, especially with their drawings where we can know who is who. Unlike the "works" of superheroes where the designers seem to have changed only the color of their characters' hair.

And Wesley goes beyond that, where he manages to transform his story about a Cow who wants to be beyond what he is forced to be, into a vast philosophical story in black and white.

Its outline is strong with lines that highlight the dark parts of the pages instead of just painting it black. He knows how to explore each part of the page in detail and often with nothing.

And white here is essential. This game of black and white helps the reader in the narrative, because the pages seem to have movements and convey feelings. It creates feelings of anxiety and others of depression, and then passes for freedom and happiness. It is a real salad.

Wesley presents a not-so-acidic, but strong and direct criticism of society and people. We can find several references to situations that we have been through many times, especially at the beginning of the Graphic where each being receives a password and is obliged to follow according to the instructions and when a character asks and asks to be moved, the answer is simple and direct: “this is your password, I can't do anything”.

Collective Imaginary it has a great hardcover finish and details for comic book fans to admire for several minutes. The internal paper is thicker than usual, which makes it a great differentiator and gives luxury to this edition.

It is a Graphic Novel for young adults and older, especially for those already used to reading comics, mainly due to the number of pages: 472!


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