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Unwanted is a good suspense, but it lacks simplicity at times.

Review | Unwanted - Kristina Ohlsson

“But on this planet, nobody is invisible, much less infallible. “

I really like detective novels, so I love the publisher’s books Trace. For those who don't know, this publisher is specialized in research works. Unwanted  it was a title that really caught my attention, the synopsis is very interesting, one that makes you crazy to read the book. Unfortunately, Unwanted it was not all that I imagined.

I will start by talking about the premise, which I found very interesting. In Sweden, children are being kidnapped and found dead with the word "Unwanted" written on their foreheads. The police team composed of Fredika, Peder and Alex investigates the crime. This team is one of the things that pleased the most in the book. Fredika is the protagonist, so much so that this is the detective's launching novel that will have a series of books ahead of her, but the focus is on the three detectives. Their teamwork was a great differentiator, leaving a little out of the habit of an exceptional detective solving everything. As it is a character launch, there is a lot of their personal life, which makes reading very pleasant.

The narrative of Kristina Ohlsson deserves a lot of good points. Unwanted it is very well written, with a fluid and pleasant to read narrative, able to hold you from beginning to end. The boldness of working with a subject as delicate as the murder of children, including a little pedophilia, also counts positive points for the author, I like crimes without limits of censorship.

Kristina Ohlsson
Kristina Ohlsson

But, as not everything is perfect in this world, we have the defects of the book. There are three simple factors that prevented him from being wonderful.

The first, and most serious, was obviousness. Every fan of investigations likes to have slight clues as to who the killer is and why, here, we quickly discover the reason, as it is quite obvious, and we have no clues of possible suspects to try to unravel the mystery of the killer, we only follow who the police chases. It ended my grace to interact with the book.

While we follow the work of the investigations, we are introduced to some subjects that are forgotten after half the work. And with that we have the second factor, the sudden change in the plot. While the suspect was such a person, we have several facts presented that are ignored in the course of events, only being resolved (when they are actually resolved) at the end of the book, which leaves us in the air, wanting a resolution, for a long journey in the reading.

Finally, we have the last problem: The Assassin. This character is very little explored, with a good but very short explanation of why he was doing these things. The key piece in a work that involves one or more murders, is the reason that the murderer has to commit them and I felt that Ohlsson did not give the necessary attention to this detail. Personally, I have a greater interest in discovering the murderer's psychological problem than in seeing the crime solved. I thought that his identity and what happened in the past so that he had this need to kill children was hurriedly presented at the conclusion of the book.

With its positive and negative points, Unwanted he has a good crime, a good reason and good characters. Even with its mistakes, it is a book worth reading.


  1. I've heard something about this book, but it's the first time I stop to read something, but I really liked it and I intend to read it, because it is my style! I liked the review and the sincerity.

  2. I didn't like the book as much as your review, which is wonderful for punctuating the main points of the book. The fact that this murderer was little explored, in turn, would disappoint me a lot because I like, when reading mystery / investigation books, to collect the clues and create my own theory to solve the crime. How did you feel?

  3. I am also a fan of police thrillers and I get irritated when the plot is very obvious (it happened with Nora Roberts). If you find out who the killer is early on, and sometimes I even find out the reason, why are you going to finish reading? Your review is well put together: you explained well the reasons that irritated you in the book and those that made you like it.

    See you!

    As 1001
    | Did you like it?

  4. I don't read a lot of detective novels, I confess that I find it VERY interesting, but usually these books are a little too heavy for me, which ends up leaving me with a very bad feeling after reading for several days, and even a literary hangover. I particularly loved your review, this book seems to be very good, but I don't know if I would read it because it deals with children, murder and the like 🙁

  5. Hello,
    I don't know if I would read for several factors. As you said, the investigation part is weak, and the ending is hurried and are things I hate in these types of books.

  6. I'm not a fan of cop books, because they don't arrest me, so even though I think the review is very thought-provoking, I'll let the tip go, leave it for the next one!

    Hugs and even !!


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Review | Unwanted - Kristina OhlssonUnwanted is a good suspense, but it lacks simplicity at times.
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