Review: Inferno- Dan Brown



Robert Langdon it is already a well-known name. Protagonist of the first adventures written by Dan Brown, the character was responsible for many revelations of controversial theories, in books and in cinema.

Dan Brown's new work, Hell, is yet another of those Langdon adventures. With a focus on the classic The divine Comedy, in Dante Alighieri, the plot places Robert again to save the world, now from a possible biological attack that promises to exterminate much of the planet.

Dan Brown applies here the same formula that has worked in his predecessor works, and when I say that I mean EXACTLY the same as the previous books. Brown created a routine, where he narrates the plot being solved by Langdon and a new partner, in this case the intelligent nurse Sienna, passing by several famous works of art that the author uses to show the historical past.

This pattern is not necessarily a bad thing, after all, if Robert is called to these "missions" because of his knowledge as a historian, it would make no sense to change any of this. However, the said pattern can tire some readers. For those more demanding, I give the good news: Dan Brown decides to innovate in the end. Even though the reading seems identical to the others, at some point the author begins with several twists and turns and a resolution that deviates a little from the standard, leaving the work a little more original, as far as possible.

The darkest places in Hell are reserved for those who have remained neutral in times of moral crisis.

Of all the author's works, Hell it is the only one that has a subject so well elaborated that it makes the reader reflect for a long time on the future of our species and the role of science in that future.

Hell is another success Dan Brown. With an engaging plot, full of adrenaline and the author's well-known historical explanations, the book quickly entered my favorites for having the most profound and philosophical premise that the other books, not to mention that it speaks intimately of none other than the great Dante Aligheri .


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