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Resenha | Invocação – Kelley Armstrong 1Invocation is the first in the trilogy Darkest Powers, written by Kelley Armstrong, which promises a fantasy story with supernatural beings.

The plot features Chloe Saunders, a 15 year old teenager and art student who dreams of becoming a film director. However, after his first menstruation, he starts to see ghosts and in one of these moments ends up freaking out at the school where he studies and accidentally attacks a teacher. Therefore, she is admitted to a home for troubled teenagers, Lyle's House, which will be like a rehabilitation for the young woman.

After the outbreak Chloe starts to be medicated and is diagnosed with schizophrenia due to
ghosts you see. The professionals who care for her claim that Chloe sees only hallucinations, symptoms of the disease. Believing that the quickest way to get out of rehab is to accept the diagnosis and take the medications, the girl goes out of her way to show that she is getting better, even starting to believe that there is a chance that she will actually see people dead.

The main character is average, does not have that much personality. In some scenes she becomes more calm, in others she imposes herself and shows more attitude bringing more dialogues
with this, the writer demonstrates an attempt to bring evolution to the character throughout history. In the meantime we got to know the other teenagers who also live at Lyle’s House as the Tori, a Rae who ends up becoming one of the closest people to Chloe and the brothers Simon and Derek, which at some point intrigue the young woman.

The narrative has some clichés, at times the protagonist is a little repetitive, especially with the idea of putting the scenes of her life in a film and go on narrating and thinking as if she were the protagonist of a short film. Even if the girl's dream is to work in cinema, the excess of comparisons makes reading dragging at times.

Derek and Simon help the young girl to better understand what her powers are and tell her that in fact Chloe is a necromancer, a person who can conjure, see and talk to
dead people. In addition, the brothers contribute to the discovery of some of the mysteries that surround Lyle's House. Armstrong even leaving some doubts for the next book, reveals a lot of interesting information about the mythology that involves Chloe's power.

Derek serves as a comic relief, making some dialogues funny. Because he is very sincere and unabashedly, he ends up saying things that the reader might even think, but he would not say for fear of appearing rude and Derek does not care what others think about him.

The plot provided some surprising events, both during reading and at the end. Although the book is more stopped at the beginning, from the middle to the end many mysteries and diverse well-constructed action scenes are revealed. And the quieter language used by the writer helps to make reading more enjoyable. The narrative ends with a doubtful ending for the next book in the trilogy.


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