Are you prepared Player number... 2? The sequel to the book Player number 1 in Ernest Cline is back. Like a sequel to a game, RPG, movie, whatever, player number 2 brings back the characters from the first book, now commanding practically everyone.

In this new adventure, Cline expands the entire world a little further from ours, with a more critical focus on everything that's happening. Unlike the first one where he sinned a little in carrying out this social critique of the physical world, now the author doesn't waste time in showing all the problems related to centuries of abuse of our environment.

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It also makes a sensational approach to addiction problems related to social networks, games, that is, technology in general. Even more so in the way we give our whole lives to these technologies, how we think it's safer for them to protect us, but we never think or even imagine that they can backfire on us.

Of course we thought about it all, but it was always like movies or books. Cline also shows a world where questions like LGBTQIA+, binaries, sexuality in general are everyday parts of life. From the moment people can – literally – see the world through these people's eyes, they leave behind all prejudice and this becomes something so common that it is not even discussed anymore.

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But this discussion is within the book, along with health issues and how we are living with the issues of the way we interact in our daily lives. Staying in crowded places, greeting, among others, are no longer common, as they can bring many diseases. Even death from an outbreak of flu years ago is talked about. It reminds you of the COVID?

If you do, not just from COVID, but from all kinds of diseases and social problems that we have with the global imbalance. The economic part is also within the pages, with conglomerates absolute control over nations, where a single company is much richer than a country. It may sound fictional, but this is a current reality where we have more Fortnite players than the population of many countries, or as some companies like Apple are richer than certain nations.

player number 2 it's a much more direct and elaborate conversation than his previous one. Of course the whole geek culture is back. With much more references, but also with that degree of criticism of the macho culture, where female characters created in the 1980s were changed to male and their names ended up in a princess who should be saved. This is all because “games are for boys”.

This sequel launched by Intrinsic publisher it is of phenomenal quality, with hardcover, well-designed pages and easy-to-read handwriting. The edition seems to lack something, but maybe it's the desire of every reference to something from the last century you want to see a cover, image, listen to the music or whatever.

Here's a tip so that in the near future we can have a reading edition of Player Number 1 and 2.

player number 2 continues the same narrative form of the first book, in a joyful and exciting way, but now with the growth of its universe as it debates the social problems of our world.


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