Review: Justice League of America- The Most Dangerous in the World



The Justice League has the most powerful heroes in the A.D. What would happen if they changed sides? This is the premise presented in Justice League of America: The Most Dangerous in the World, where the American government decides to create a new team to protect the world from these heroes should this happen.

Gathering volumes 1 to 5 of Justice League of Americaphase The New 52, the booklet shows the editions in which the league begins to be formed and how the recruitment of the team, formed by Amanda Waller and led by Steve Trevor.

As it is an introductory volume, the stories are very basic. However, it is interesting to see the beginning of the interaction of such different characters. Geoff Johns does a good job on the script, which is right to bring great characters that fell in the audience's taste, but that don't have much prominence.

Another positive point is the direct contrast that the Justice League of America makes with the original league, showing the opposite strength of the characters used in this formation. For that, even a villain comes into play, the Catwoman, who is the only one with enough skill to defeat Batman.


Resenha: Liga da Justiça da América- Os Mais Perigosos do Mundo 1
Justice League of America Formation

The political nature is able to disguise the simplicity of the plots, which show only few adventures and much discussion. Still, no matter how good the script, there is a feeling that something is missing and the hope that the following volumes will be more interesting.

The art of David Finch turns out to be perfect. With realistic and very beautiful strokes, Finch illustrates these editions beautifully, investing in interesting references (to start from the cover, which pays homage to the famous war photo).

Beauty is not lacking in this binding. In hardcover and with beautiful illustrations, Justice League of America: The Most Dangerous in the World it is a cheap and interesting acquisition, but simple, that leaves hope for the next editions.


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