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Review | Free – Fifty Shades of Freedom through Christian Grey's Eyes

The book FreeFifty Shades of Freedom through Christian Gray's Eyes narrates the events of the last book of the trilogy Fifty Shades of grey, but through the eyes of Christian Grey. The original trilogy was so successful that it sold over 7 million copies, and that's why this spin off, narrated from the protagonist's point of view. In this last book, the couple is faced with some conflicts and many questions about their marriage and their future together as a family. But it's not just the protagonists who question themselves. You, I, we readers must ask ourselves if this is the kind of plot we want to consume?

The character is jealous, not loyal, controlling, childish, possessive, sometimes irrational, explosive… we see a series of characteristics that together is almost like a time bomb and the comments that permeate social networks are “Like Christian Grey is tasty!" or "How I wish I had a Christian Gray in my bed!" The abusive and toxic behavior of this and so many other male characters shows that there is a serious problem and it's not just with men. 

Why are so many pornography-derived productions still popular even though they involve abuse and crime? 

Back in 2015, the first adaptation of the original franchise hit theaters and at that time expressions such as “rape culture” or even the famous movement Me Too they still weren't that much talked about in the press in general. But we arrived in 2016 and issues such as abusive relationships, consent and the romanticization of these problems gained strength and the theme began to have a correct visibility in the audiovisual industry.

Well, here we see that the protagonist continues to act in an unpredictable and very exaggerated way. He explodes easily, has difficulty maintaining a civilized dialogue without freaking out, is childish, controlling and possessive. If that's how you think about building a relationship with someone, you need to rethink your criteria. But what kills us the most with curiosity is knowing the reason to worship something like that. Let's reflect a little.

We see not only in the Fifty Shades of Gray franchise, but in so many others that the protagonist has the stereotype of a movie heartthrob. It's beautiful, it's rich, it's powerful, it's the famous “alpha male” and we women are taught from a young age that this is the ideal kind of marriage, not just that, the fact that we will find our personal fulfillment in a relationship and that taking into account the double journey we would do if we were not married to a “Christian Grey”.

In Free, no matter how much more active voice of Anastasia is perceived in this book, the damage has already been done, because in the beginning she always accepts what he wants and does what he wants. The plot romanticizes the abuser, personifying him as an attractive, seductive man who is worth any risk to have him and the construction of the character is the most cliché possible, the naive, virgin girl who makes him die of desire and who succeeds marry him, thinking he will be a new man. The character was developed, in the previous plot, as an innocent girl and became a woman a little more mature, but still with remnants of submission in front of her partner / abuser. 

In books like this they only reinforce that women cannot have a voice or will and the message that is conveyed is that if the guy is rich and attractive, it's okay if he hits you or does things you don't want, because this is the reason… is allowed because he is handsome and a millionaire. And the icing on the cake? Which is? It's a plot written by a WOMAN!!!! The romanticization of the narrative tends to justify the unjustifiable and this arrives at the reader as a representation of the love that one character feels for the other, but it is actually an abusive behavior that many choose not to see. 

The plot itself, seeks many miraculous obstacles to disrupt the couple's relationship, such as a rival that (re)emerges, childhood traumas of the protagonist, a character more reluctant to the impositions of the future husband and Christian's family and everything else. And during the reading, we see that the author weighs her hand at times, lacking balance and perhaps, because of that, the book is so long which made it tiring. Because it's in his view, we see the protagonist with more depth and at certain moments we find him boring, because he dramatizes a lot of things that aren't so much, he goes back to the same subject and such.

Besides Free it's a horror for so long, it has some grammatical flaws and, being a publisher that is a large company in the field, it left something to be desired. The construction of characters is trivial, not leaving clichés and absurdities. The plot of the young girl who begins her sex life with a man who has been injured since her adolescence is over, now through his eyes. Bizarre to read the same story twice, but it's even interesting to see the deepest fears that surround the protagonist's head and heart and see that, unfortunately, he leans on a crutch that he can't even carry and the healthiest thing would be to seek help . The plot with all these traumas involved could have been written, designed in a way to help people who go through this. Thousands of people are abused as children and the work has done the opposite, romanticized the abuses and violence.

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