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Rainbow Rowell she is the author of several “amorzinhos” books, Attachments, Fangirl and Eleanor & Park - the latter has a review here on the website. Click on here and learn more. When I was referred Carry On, I was very anxious to read because I had loved Eleanor & Park. When I went to the bookstore to buy the book, I read an excerpt from the synopsis and noticed a lot like Harry Potter, my people. I put the book back on the shelf. A few months later, I returned to the bookstore and bought it and I already say in advance that I regretted it, because the book didn't please me a bit - wait, it did, just a little, but close to “Eleanor & Park”, Carry On was well annoying.

*** Watch out, there may be spoilers *** 

The story recounts the adventures of Simon Snow, a boy who at 11 years old discovers that he is a wizard and is also an orphan of father and mother and besides all that, he is “The Chosen One” to defeat a certain creature that terrorizes the wizarding world - but until then, he doesn't know that. Then, he is taken to the magic school by the Wizard, to learn more about spells and how to control them and during his studies, Simon goes through several obstacles and challenges until he reaches his last year at school - where everything is narrated in first person (that sucks, in the book in question).

In addition to knowing about his destiny, he has to deal with his personal, emotional and relationship issues with other people at school and with a little serumaninho in particular: Tyrannus Basilton Grimm-Pitch, for the intimate, “Baz”. And who is this kid? Nothing more, nothing less than Simon's archenemy. So that you can understand, Baz is like "Draco Malfoy", you know? Baz is descended from a line of highly regarded and very powerful wizards (curious, isn't it?) And since they arrived at the school of magic, Simon and Baz share the same room and several things have happened between them, for example, Simon reports in the book that several times, Baz tried to kill him.

The plot twist of Carry On is that during reading, we realize that Baz doesn’t hate Simon that much, the narrative makes it very clear that he has a certain feeling for the Chosen One and the same is reciprocated. Hi? Explain that, Thoth? Of course! They are witches, they live together forever, they hate each other but they don't hate each other as much as we imagine, understand? In history, we are introduced to Penelope, a witch who is Simon's best friend. Penny, as he used to call her, is smart, cool, feminist and super forward - I confess that she is more interesting than Simon himself -. We also have Agatha, Simon's girlfriend and she is the opposite of Penelope: a witch who doesn't want to be a witch, prefers to live in the world of “Mundanos”, who are normal people without any kind of magic or power.

For those who do not know, Simon and Baz did not appear now. They first appeared in the book Fangirl, where the main character, Katty, is a fanfiction writer and in history, she makes Simon and Baz fall in love. After writing Fangirl, Rainbow thought about it and decided to write a novel for Simon and Baz and of course, add other characters, other scenarios and other plots to flourish the book. Although it all goes back to Harry Potter, there is a small difference in Carry On that we can highlight: Rainbow remains too creative when writing his novels. Although Harry Potter lives in an entirely magical world, using his wand and casting spells, in Carry On, we see wizards without wands, casting spells in a very particular way. For example: “Don't worry, be happy”, “Nana, baby”, “Upside down!” or "Get your foot off the floor!"

In short, the book did not please me so much - which may not happen to you, can it? And it seems that the book will have a continuation and I confess that I have no interest in reading the supposed continuation of a "Carry On 2". But it wasn't a bad idea, you know? And it brings us a good lesson that powerful people, like Simon and Baz, even though they are wizards, can fall in love. Why not? A slap in the face of the society that Rainbow gave when writing about two powerful, respectful people who are gay!



  1. Hi, how are you? So, this book is a “Continuation” of the book Fangirl. This book is the fanfiction of the character Cather. So there are many similarities between Harry Potter, which are even mentioned by one of the characters in the book Fangirl. I haven't read Carry On yet, but I loved Fangirl so…

    • Hello, Giulia. Everything cool and with you?
      Yes, Rainbow herself in the preface to the book made it clear that she found herself thinking about Simon and his entire universe. We are very happy that you liked “Fangirl” and we hope you like “Carry On”. Come back to tell us what you think of the book as soon as you finish reading? Thanks for the comment.

      Super Kiss! 😀


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