Review: The Long and Dark Soul Tea Time - Douglas Adams



The Long and Dark Soul Tea Hour is the second volume in the series Dirk Gently, written by Douglas Adams. The detective was introduced in the first volume, Dirk Gently Holistic Research Agency.

To be quite honest, I started this reading without much excitement. I love Douglas Adams' narrative and sharp humor, but in Dirk Gently Holistic Research Agency I thought that the author extrapolated a little in the “clueless” elements and the work became a little confused, so I was afraid that the same would happen with the The Long and Gloomy Tea Time of Soul.

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Fortunately, that didn't happen and that volume turned out to be much better than its predecessor. Here, Adams focused much more on a simple investigation, without the use of many parallel facts that hindered the other book, putting only a few supernatural factors very well explained.

This time, Dirk's case is more somber, his client is brutally murdered on the first day, with a description worthy of a horror film. Everything indicates that the motive is some kind of pact, but something in the evidence does not make sense. At the same time, we know Kate Schechter, who witnesses a strange attack at the airport and decides to try to find out what really happened. Eventually, Kate and Dirk cross paths.

Douglas Adams addressed a new subject in this work: Mythology. I'm not going to go into the subject in order not to give any spoiler, but I can say that the author used a lot of religion and mythology in the construction of this mystery and that is what left The Long and Gloomy Tea Time of Soul wonderful, as it is a subject better known to the public, it was viable and direct, very different from the other crazy stories of Adams.

I believe that Douglas Adams' narrative is already known and that is why I do not need to emphasize how good the author is in uniting several details in a great plot, without forgetting to put his English humor at all times.

Dirk Gently is a fun and charismatic detective, in his own way, of course. This series ends up being great because of the protagonist, so The Long and Dark Soul Tea Hour it is a book worth checking out. Even though this is better than its predecessor and with an isolated history it is advisable to read Dirk Gently Holistic Research Agency before.


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