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Review | Magimakia- The Search for Merlin

Magimakia- The Search for Merlin is a surprising and fun fantasy work, which differentiates the way that Rafael Lovato chose to write it. Rafael Lovato himself tells us the events, who was hired by a Goblin (that's right, you didn't read it wrong) to translate the books of magimakia. So far so good, nothing too different, but the point is that, due to this translation work, we see the narrative from the point of view of a Goblin and a young wizard, interchangeably, which makes it very fun, fluid and original .

The focus of this journey, as the name suggests, is to free Merlin, as only he can help the Mages and Witches who are in danger. Our protagonist is oliver, the aforementioned young mage, who does not yet know he is one. Oliver is descended from Merlin and one of the last savers of the wizarding world, but due to a tragic event in his past, Oliver has no idea who he is and is currently just a 15-year-old boy who suffers. bullying. Of course, like any adventure worth its salt, Oliver ends up being called in to help, and that's when things get even better and a lot funnier.

"Well, his mother always warned him that if he thought things couldn't get any worse, it was because his creative capacity ended!"

Magimakia- The Search For Merlin it may seem a little childish, but it's not. Some heavy happenings make the book a little more adult, and greatly improve the quality, in my opinion.

Magimakia- The Search For Merlin it was a work that really impressed. As mentioned above, I myself thought it was going to be a little childish and I didn't think that, because it has a theme so used as the famous Mage Merlin, it would be original. It turned out to be original, and a lot! A large part of the aforementioned innovative narrative, but the world in which Magimakia- The Search For Merlin what happens is also quite different, how many times have you seen a Goblin with Merlin? The way everything is presented helps in the construction of this world, as we are led to believe that we are reading the translations of magimakia, which are presented in place of the usual chapters. Anything goes when it comes to fantasy, right?

In addition to all this, Rafael Lovato he knew how to build his characters very well. I was impressed by how little presentation of each one was needed to understand their personality. And they're just as fun, the Little Witches that accompany Oliver manage to get a lot of laughs.

Magimakia- The Search For Merlin is more than recommended. Anyone who likes fantasy will love this book and will definitely become a fan of writing Rafael Lovato.


  1. Glad you liked the review!
    This Pikachu has already become a mascot, he has his face on the website, right? :for
    We all still have this dream of being pokemon trainers… 🙁
    Thanks for the comment.

  2. Although I really like fantasy books, this one didn't interest me much, besides I have a certain problem with books that intersperse points of view, because they are either very good or very strange

  3. Hello all well?
    I had never heard of this book and I confess that I didn't like the cover, but reading your review I was curious about the book, it seems to be cool and I liked the way it is narrated.

    Kisses: *
    Larissa -


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