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Malorie keeps her apprehensive tone and full of analogies that made Bird Box a success.

Review | Malorie- Josh Malerman

Continued success Bird Box, Malorie has its awaited launch simultaneously in Brazil by the publisher Intrinsic.

12 years after the events of the Bird Box, Malorie and her children are forced to leave the safe place where they lived because of a clue of possible survivors. This time, the journey will be quite different, since Olympia and Tone they are now teenagers and have strong opinions about the world and Malorie's overprotection.

Again, the narrative of Josh Malerman it delivers a suffocating work, where the risk of the creatures being stronger is mixed with the maternal terror of teenage children with their own opinions and the constant risk of putting themselves in danger. Tom is an inventor who tries to improve the way they live through new ideas, which his mother disapproves, since they are highly dangerous. This creates a constant tension between the two, with the son always thinking that the mother is paranoid and disrespecting a good part of his rules. Olympia, on the other hand, became more realistic, understanding her mother's point of view. Having read many books, she believes she knows what the world was like before the attack and what Malorie went through to keep everyone safe.

A quick but very meaningful reading, Malorie it shows a different world, with little hope after the strange attack, but with a very personal vision of adaptations to the new reality. As in the previous volume, the book seems to make an analogy to the changes in life, pointing out the fears of motherhood and, above all, of this complicated new phase where children are creating their independence.

Through different points of view, Malerman shows that there is no right and wrong in this new world, only the bold and the safe. While revolutionaries are trying to live a more comfortable, yet risky, life, the more conservative, like Malorie, are doing a great job just surviving. As in life, they are valid and fully understandable points according to each personal reality.

Malorie it is a rational and well-tied sequence that plays with common fears and manages to hold the reader's attention from beginning to end.


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