Review: Half War - Joe Crombie



Closing the trilogy Shattered Sea, Half War it leaves something to be desired as a final volume and delivers a satisfactory outcome for the old characters, while presenting new and equally important ones.

Joe Abercrombie delivered an interesting proposal in his fantasy saga, where each book was focused on a different protagonist. Starting with Yarvi, the boy who had a deformity, who started the adventure in Half King, a closed book but that started the war that would continue the trilogy. In World, the strong Thorn Bathu carries the plot, which could be a whole new adventure if there were no mention of Yarvi. Now, the author introduces the princess Skara, who after losing everything ends up crossing his path with Pai Yarvi, the former half-king.

“Trust is like glass. It's beautiful, but only an idiot puts a lot of weight on it. ”

Abercrombie has an immense capacity to develop characters and in Half War it is where that ability is most evident. Throughout the events, the reader is able to witness the changes in Skara, which changes from an angry girl to an intelligent and cunning one. In this volume, he manages to keep the characters even more realistic, they are ordinary humans who completely escape the cliché of fearless heroes, here, they surrender to their desires and selfishness as every human being.

The main focus of this work is intelligence. It takes far more cunning than strength to win a war and that is what the plot presents. It is through wise decisions that Joe's famous moral lessons are posed, as well as religious and political questions. With less magic and more strategies, Half War ends the trilogy in a more mature and realistic way.

“Only half a war is fought with swords. The other half is blocked with words. ”

Shattered Sea it's a trilogy Young Adult with several positive points, therefore, it becomes extremely interesting for this audience, even more because it presents relevant questions that work as true teachings. However, it can be tiring for adults saturated with so much fantasy. Anyway, they are works well placed and written in a very creative way by Abercrombie, who is very talented in this saga.


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