Book Review: Half Kings - Joe Abercrombie



Half King is the first book in the trilogy Shattered Sea, written by Joe Abercrombie.

Here we meet Yarvi, youngest son of the king Uthrik, who was born with a crippled hand. Because of his deformity, Yarvi is despised by his father, who calls him half a man, and by almost everyone in the kingdom. When he receives the news of the death of his father and brother, Yarvi is forced to assume the throne. Never having considered the possibility of becoming king, the prince is a little lost in this new challenge, judging a "half man" incapable of ruling.

Abercrombie narrates a story full of emotion, which initially seems very juvenile, but as it progresses the violent events take away that impression, showing a great complexity in the plot.

The author uses some twists and surprises to develop his characters, especially the protagonist and at the end of the work, they are already much more mature, giving a moral lesson about development, as well as talking about honor and commitment.

Half King is an interesting book for fantasy fans. With a different protagonist, interesting subjects and twists and turns, a difference is shown in the midst of so many works filled with RPG elements. Now we just have to wait and see if the rest of the trilogy remains interesting.


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