Review: Wonder Woman- Seeds of War- Leigh Bardugo



The Publisher Arqueiro decided to grace the fans with his new series DC Legends, which will bring the most famous characters from DC as protagonists in each volume. To start this saga, none other than the most talked about heroine of the moment was chosen: Wonder Woman.

In Seeds of War, Diana she is not yet the confident and powerful horsewoman we know, but a girl who will know her powers. When an explosion occurs near TemisciraDiana, who is the only one to witness what happened, saves a girl from a shipwreck. However, the decision that seemed correct begins to present some problems, since keeping a human on the island is prohibited and Diana, who is no longer well regarded among her people, begins to face internal and external conflicts and needs to prove her worth to help her Amazon sisters.

Leigh Bardugo delivers a different version of Wonder Woman. Through an original plot, the author creates a new origin for the heroine, showered with various historical facts and mythological teachings. Merging fantasy and real world, the work manages to capture the essence of the character.

Wonder Woman: Seeds of War it is an interesting adventure, but the protagonist's countless insecurities make reading slow at first. As good as Bardugo's narrative is, she spends unnecessary time talking more than once about the same issue, which not only helps to slow reading, but also helps to de-characterize the character's well-known strength for readers of the comic. This problem presents itself for about 100 pages of the book only, to improve it later, but it can result in some dropouts.

Despite this, the book manages to be interesting and recommended mainly for those less familiar with HQ's who want to know more about the character. Even delivering a different version, the author manages to keep the main characteristics of Diana and still show all the strength of this admirable warrior.


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