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Review | Nine Unknowns - Liane Moriarty


famous for success Big Little Lies, Liane Moriarty launches another book about the human being, which has also become a TV series.

In Nine Unknowns, the author places nine people in a famous – and expensive – retreat called Tranquillum House, for a total transformation. The plot explores the psyche and the internal issues that led each individual to need this cure that the owner of the place, But have, promises. But within all these psychological issues raised, all the characters, which include Masha's helpers, Yao and Delilah, gain prominence in the exploration of their pasts.

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The premise wraps around the mystery of Masha's questionable practices at her establishment, which seem very extreme but apparently work. However, the real gold of this work is in the details of the problems addressed by the author, which involve very delicate situations, such as a family suffering from their son's suicide, to much more current and little discussed situations, such as addictions to aesthetic treatments and overcoming blows. online.

With well-built characters, Nine Unknowns is attractive and captivating, mainly due to the ease of identification with them. French is a middle-aged writer who is menopausal, at risk of becoming obsolete in her career, and has just suffered an internet love scam that took most of her money. carmel is a mother of four girls who was exchanged by her husband and now has a huge insecurity with her body, thinking she is too fat and with the belief that her husband left her because she didn't take care of herself. Tony is a former player who became an alcoholic after losing his career after having his knee destroyed.

Ben and Jessica are on the retreat to rescue their marriage, which was destroyed after they made a lot of money and Jessica invested in numerous cosmetic treatments that made her a stranger to her husband. Lars he is a homosexual who loves his partner and has a habit of going to retreats annually, but lately he is having problems for not wanting a child when his partner really wants one. Finally, the most interesting of all, the Marconi family. They are there to try to pass a day without remembering the death of Zac, son of heather and Napoleon and twin brother of Zoe.

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Liane's well-known writing delves into the small events that push each character to the limit they are currently at, highlighting how much they put themselves in these situations, while questioning Masha's practices and her dubious behavior. The suspense of the work revolves around the Russian emigrant and her obsession and techniques used that seem very harmful, but the great asset is in the detailed analysis of the exposed psychological issues.

Nine unknowns It is a rich work that grips the reader from the beginning. Perhaps because it remains very intimate in relation to the individuals presented for a long period, which becomes fascinating for those who are reading, when it gets close to the end it can seem a bit out of line, with hurried events and a quick resolution, but it doesn't leave the want, as it delivers exactly what it was promising and without leaving any loose ends.

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Nove Desconhecidos is a rich work that holds the reader from the beginning with an ending that, even though it seems a little rushed, delivers what it promises and leaves no loose ends. review-nine-unknowns-liane-moriarty



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