Book Review: The Year I Met You- Cecelia Ahern



Cecelia Ahern is a well-known name, the author is responsible for novels well known as PS I Love You and sit simply happens. In The Year I Met You, Cecelia decides to approach the purest form of love that exists: friendship.

The entire book is narrated by Jasmine, a young woman who just lost her job and now doesn't know what to do with so much free time on her hands. It sounds strange, I know, and quite annoying at first, but Jasmine is the kind of person who just thought about work and occupied her life that way.

The problem is aggravated when we discover that the girl has an agreement where she cannot find another job for a year, to prevent her from going to the competition, during which time she normally receives her salary. It looks like paradise, but Jasmine shows us that it is not, since she can now analyze all aspects of her life that were overlooked during her more than thirty years of life.

The first thing that Jamine notices is his lack of contact with the neighborhood, especially Matt, her broadcaster neighbor of the house in front of which she despises. On his show, Matt is disgusting and sexist and at home is a drunk. However, as he further observes his life, he becomes more sympathetic to his cause.

The Year I Met You it is a beautiful story of friendship - not love - and that was what I liked about this work. Jamine goes through a year of incredible self-knowledge, in such an intense and productive way that it leaves us wanting to do the same. In addition, some subjects covered are quite interesting, such as their relationship with the independent sister with Down syndrome.

However, this self-analysis of the protagonist leaves much of the book a little dull. The pages on which all we see are complaints, self-pity or discontent with life are long. During almost half of the work, we see just that and her “stalked” on Matt.

Even though it’s a little tiring to see so much “mimimi” of a character, The Year I Met You it turns out to be beautiful and exciting when it passes that stage. It is highly recommended to fans of romance, for running away from the ordinary and showing a beautiful story of self-improvement.


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