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In O Buraco da Agulha, Ken Follett realistically narrates the tricks of espionage and shows again his talent in character development.

Review | The Needle Hole - Ken Follett

Originally published in 1978, The Needle Hole is a well-known work by Ken Follett, which has already won a film adaptation starring Donald Sutherland, and several new editions. Currently, the publisher Archer published the 40th anniversary commemorative edition of the book.

The plot follows Henry Faber, Hitler's German spy and trusted man. Known as The Needle, he works in England when he discovers secrets that promise to change the course of World War II and needs to quickly take his information to Germany. It is at that moment that he begins to be pursued by the British secret service, which wants to end his life at any cost.

Follett allows the reader to follow events on both sides of the adventure, using his well-known talent to work simultaneously with several characters, maintaining the wealth in the construction of all. With this, he narrates in a very realistic way the tricks of espionage through Faber, while showing interesting military strategies from the side of the secret service. However, it is important to pay attention to this reading, because in the midst of so many commented strategies, it is easy to get lost in the names mentioned.

A good spy needs a romance, and that's where Lucy comes in, with whom Henry gets involved and ends up being the perfect character to show the feminine strength. Initially proving to be just beautiful and needy, Lucy ends up revealing her courage, an opponent equal to the dangerous spies.

The author's narrative is what justifies the success of his books, knowing how to build and delve into the characters' personalities, Follett maintains his focus on them and a neutral opinion about the war. In The Needle Hole, ends up being a tremendous differential, since it does not fall into the trap of trying to show the good or bad side of those involved in the war.


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