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Review | The Shining - Stephen King


The illuminated is one of the master's best suspensions Stephen King.

One of the best-known works by Stephen King is The illuminated, written in 1977, has already been adapted by Stanley Kubrick and that is why its plot is still current today.

The story revolves around Danny, an Enlightened boy (who has telepathic mental abilities) of 5 years and his family, his mother Wendy and your father Jack. Jack is a writer who is trying to rebuild his life and ends up accepting the job of caretaker in a remote hotel, to take care of him while it is closed because of the snow. Jack and his family will be isolated months from the world at this hotel.

So far, nothing serious, right? Well, their first problem is isolation, months of having absolutely nothing to do, not being able to go out is something psychologically complicated. The second problem is the fear that everyone has of the story of the former hotel janitor, who went crazy and killed his daughter and wife with axes. And the third is in the notices Tony, Danny's “imaginary friend”, who shows strange things in room 237 and the word “REDRUM”, which terrifies Danny.

Everything was going as normal as possible until Danny's visions worsened and his father, who when he was an alcoholic, had snowy bouts, reaching the point of breaking Danny's arm, starting to show symptoms of his old nervous behavior. Then Jack's tense pursuit of his family begins.

The great highlight of The illuminated, like the vast majority of Stephen King, is psychological terror. Much of it takes place with Danny's thoughts, conveying to the reader the despair and fear of a 5 year old child in the middle of it all.

The supernatural factors in the story are visible but subtle. Nothing too far from the “possible imagination”, which helps a lot in terms of quality. It's a wonderful suspense, one that leaves you days after you finish reading, thinking about it.

The illuminated had its title inspired by a song by John Lennon call "Instant Karma!", which contains the phrase "We all shine on (original title is 'The Shining').


  1. Do you believe I never read anything about King? Most ashamed of that fact, but I still intend to read and, preferably, I want to start with The Shining. Many people speak well, I believe I will like it.

  2. I REALLY need to read this book! Two friends of mine have already told me very well of him, they told me mainly that the mother, in the book, has a much more important role than in the Kubrick film. Look, I love Kubrick and everything he does, but I have a lot of aversion to the role of the actress! They turned the character into a fool! Hahahah

    I really enjoyed your review. This book was already on my list, and you made me want to read it even more!
    Big kiss,

  3. Hello all well?
    I love terror and I am very curious to read this book!
    I still haven't read anything about King and The Shining and The Cemetery are the ones I most want to read, along with It, The Thing.
    I know there is a very famous movie, but I never watch it because I really want to read the book before. I hope to read later this year.

    Kisses: *

  4. Hi, how are you
    I remember the day I saw an episode of the Friends series when Joe was reading this book, it was really funny. I've seen the movie and I confess I didn't like it very much. I don't try the book, because I've read the author's books and I couldn't identify with his narrative, which is very detailed, even tiring. But it seems to be a great tip for anyone who is an author's fan. I liked your review.

  5. Hi
    I just watched the movie in this book and it terrified me. The only work I read of him was The Punisher that left me a little traumatized kkkkkkkkkkkkk I spent a week without watching cartoons.

  6. Hello!
    I love a good psychological horror, but I haven't read anything by the author yet, can you believe it? even from his son Joe Hill I read something, but from Master King: nothing yet. The illuminated one seems to me a great gateway, so I intend to start with it. I loved your review, it was great! 🙂

  7. Anyone who has seen the film has to read the book because it has a LOT more than what the film tells. I agree with you about finishing and keep thinking about him with ctz ^^
    I loved the review.

  8. Hi
    I have had this book on the shelf since the end of last year and I still haven't had the courage to read it due to my fear. But I'm curious to know King's narrative. I hope to read soon.



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