The Fire Labyrinth, the third book in the series, tells the story where, after receiving a dreaded prophecy from the oracle of Trophonium, Apollo and Meg travel with an old acquaintance from Percy Jackson through the ancient and dangerous labyrinth of Daedalus. The problem is that the third Emperor awaits with new monsters, a powerful ally, and an interest that could destroy the former god.

The Prophecies of Apollo is a fun series, with a tone full of humor, different from other works by Rick Riordan. In this new book, Apollo continues with his problems and the narrative becomes a little more serious, but keeping his base with a God full of himself, in a human body and with several problems that he doesn't know how to deal with.

The Fire Labyrinth maintains the author's quality in knowing how to criticize, in bringing dangerous situations and, above all, in bringing unusual solutions to his adventure. But unfortunately, the plot starts to get a little tiresome, especially with an Apollo who continues to make comments since the first book about his problems with Zeus, how he forgot many things, etc.

This is all well placed within the plot and the author does not need to remember within the chapters that the ex-god can no longer play as before and is terrible with the bow. This type of information ends up making the reading very repetitive, harming the narrative of this volume.

Anyway, The Fire Labyrinth has an engaging story and new characters that are compelling, even if they seem a little out of place at some point in the adventure.

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review-the-labyrinth-of-fire-rick-riordanThe third book maintains the humorous tone of the adventure, but it starts to get tiring, especially with the character wanting to remember that he is no longer a God with each chapter.


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