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Review: The Name of the Dream - M. Demeter

Want to read a fantasy with a storyline completely different from anything you've seen? So The Name of the Dream it's your next read!

In The Name of the Dream, M. Demeter presents us with a completely different world, or rather two worlds. Anne guides us through a story that shows us that it is possible to live in your dreams.O Nome do sonho

After your grandfather's death, Antony Elpis, little Anne manages to keep in touch with him in her dreams. Her grandfather was a famous writer, who inspired and encouraged people, especially the assistant Vivian. Vivian had a difficult childhood, is an orphan and recently ended a relationship that left her very ill. She manages to stop suffering a little when she meets Felipe, in her dreams, but it takes time to realize that she can maintain a relationship with him.

When Anne finds out that her mother abandoned a daughter she had before her, she decides to look for her, encouraged by her grandfather, and gets Vivian's help. During the search, the two become more intimate and Anne manages to show Vivian that the world of dreams exists, giving her the hope of trying to have a life with Felipe, as well as Anne and her grandfather.

The Name of the Dream it is a very interesting work. As I mentioned, your greatest asset is originality, I don't remember seeing a book you used from a dream world. But as not everything is perfect, this asset also left the beginning of reading a little discouraging, because it is confusing until the reader understands what that alternative reality is and that it is further explored. The short chapters help a lot in this beginning.

As the plot develops, The Name of the Dream it reveals a very tasty and light fantasy, with a little hint of romance and a lot of family love. I liked it exactly because it was simple, a normal life, with nothing very supernatural. The writing of M. Demeter it is tasty and fluid, perfectly matching the short chapters. The layout is simple, but cute, and I don't even need to talk about the cover, right? Is beautiful!

Indicate The Name of the Dream for all fantasy lovers, especially for those who, like me, are tired of works full of supernatural beings, melancholy romances and struggles.


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