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Fun and informative, The Hidden Oracle is yet another great work by Rick Riordan.

Review | The Hidden Oracle - Rick Riordan


I really like the works of Rick Riordan, his narrative is very pleasant to read, always with an interaction with the character. Apollo's Trials, nova saga do autor,  segue essa linha, é escrito como se Apolo falasse com você.

In that first volume, The Hidden Oracle, Apollo (now with the name of Lester Papadopulos) é expulso do Olimpo e exilado para a Terra como um adolescente mortal de 16 anos (um pouco medroso, bem diferente do arrogante deus). Ele ainda é bonito, com olhos azuis, mas para desespero de Apolo, tem espinhas, coisa que nunca teve. Não é o esplendor de beleza que costumava ser. Sente falta de sua carruagem do Sol, seu arco e suas flechas.

O Oraculo Oculto

His despair increases when he discovers that he will have to be under the command of Meg, uma menina maluquinha que ele encontra no lixão aonde ele caiu, que, segundo ele, está vestida de semáforo – tênis vermelho, meia-calça amarela e um vestido verde. Explicando melhor o por que de Apolo ter que servir Meg, é para cumprir sua penitência e tentar voltar ao Olimpo como um deus. Para isso, terá que obedecer às ordens de um semideus(a). Como já é sua terceira expulsão, ele sabe como funciona.

Oraculo Oculto

When the Python snake, which he defeated in the past, takes the Oracle of Delphi, Rachel Dare, the priestess, is unable to make any more predictions. Communications don't work, flying scrolls, messages from Iris (goddess of the rainbow) nor the Hermes Express. As in the books of Percy Jackson, they cannot use cell phones, as they attract monsters.

A ideia de mesclar tudo isso, esses meios de comunicações para os semideuses e os deuses usarem as redes sociais, é muito criativa e divertida. É hilário ver um deus usando o twitter e postando no snapchat.

Finally, they end up taking refuge in the demigod camp, where he is Quirón. And this is where the biggest confusions and his struggle to survive as a mortal begin, and the beginning of more human behavior for this arrogant god.

"Apollo, the male model of romance, reduced to a clumsy and inexperienced boy"


Like Apollo he is the god of music, healing, poetry, disease, beauty, and divination (he commanded the oracles), as he narrates his stories he interacts with the stars. Riordan took the opportunity to make some fun, for example, Apollo caused the separation of Paul McCartney and John Lennon, sang with Village People the YMCA (dressed as a worker), etc.

It is very interesting how Rick Riordan manages to aggregate all these facts within the narrative. You can assess how much he researched mythology and history itself as events unfold. In this book there is also a Brazilian demigod character, the Paulo, que entrega à Apolo um lenço mágico com as cores da bandeira do Brasil. Tem também a participação especial de Percy Jackson.

I think the author outdid himself in this work, he is even better than the books of Percy Jackson and the olympians, uma leitura muito agradável e que deixa um gostinho de quero-mais. Vamos aguardar ansiosamente o segundo livro.


  1. I had already seen another review of this book and I confess that even though I didn't really like Perry Jackson, I felt like reading this one. It seems to be very funny and fun. The cover is beautiful and I want to read it in a future that I hope will be close hsuaus

  2. I laughed at Meg's description! “Dressed in traffic lights” hahahah! I never read anything by the author, and his review left me with the impression that I may be wasting time. As much as the writing is aimed at younger readers, I feel that I would have a lot of fun reading this series, so I already wrote it down here to search! 😉

  3. Hi how are you?

    I already knew the book through reviews, although it is not the type of book I like to read, it
    it seems to be quite fun, and laughs is with myself. Congratulations on the review and
    thanks for the tip!

    Literary greetings.

    Kisses on ♥

  4. Hello!
    I always see this book out there, but I never stopped to see the synopsis, you know ?!
    And to my surprise, I loved the book's premise! And I loved your review, I really wanted to read.
    I want to know how Apolo will behave kkkk
    Very annotated tip and great review!

  5. I really like Rick's books! I agree with your observations about writing - and it gets even better when you pick up the pace of reading. I hadn’t heard about his series yet, I’ll look for it when I’m done with The Heroes of Olympus (which I’m currently reading, by the way!)

  6. I didn't know that the author's narrative had this characteristic of making it appear that the character speaks to the reader, it just makes me more excited to know his writing. But I'll start with Percy Jackson, who already own the books, I think it's cool to do that since you found this work even better and then I can see the author's evolution.


    Between Stages and Books

  7. Hi!
    I really like Rick's books, I've read some reviews of that book and I'm really curious. It is already among my desired and as soon as I have the opportunity I will read. 🙂


    Rafa [blog - Fascinated by Stories]

  8. Hi Hi! All right?
    Do you believe that until today I haven't read anything about Rick Riordan ?!
    I'm very late hehe…
    I want to start reading Apolo's Trials, because he is at the beginning and I loved the review.
    I really like this kind of story, it really holds me back and now reading the review I already know what awaits me.
    I will read for sure!

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  9. Hello,
    Even though I love the Percy Jackson saga, I'm a bit behind on this book, I don't know, something still hasn't convinced me or excited me. Who knows ahead.

  10. I read the entire Percy Jackson saga and enjoyed it a lot, but I have no interest in reading other books by the author. I think that phase of mine has passed. But the theme is very cool and I'm sure it will please many readers. The cover looks beautiful!

    Kisses, Gabi
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  11. Girl, I love the works of “Uncle Rick” and I already wanted to check out this new series, but after this review I desperately need to buy the book… kkkkk

    I love mythology, Greek is the one I like the most… I really want to read!

  12. Girl, I love the works of "Uncle Rick" and I already wanted to check out this new series, but after this review I desperately need to buy the book… kkkkk

    I love mythology, Greek is the one I like the most… I really want to read!


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