Review: The First and the Last Summer - Letícia Wierzchowski



We all had some remarkable moment in life, especially in adolescence. Be it a first love, first broken heart, family problems or even a more serious situation, there is always that memory that haunts us for the rest of our lives.

The First and Last Summer narrates, in a simple and direct way, one of those remarkable experiences of the protagonist clear, who at the age of 14 went through several remarkable moments in his summer vacation.

Letícia Wierzchowski, writer responsible for The House of Seven Women, transports us to Praia de Pinhal, in the 90s, where his family used to go every summer. She and other families owned cottages there, so there was a group that met annually and became good friends. In a few pages, Letícia narrates the vacation that marked the character's life, where she met love, disappointment and lived moments that were never forgotten.

Through poetic writing, the work has a nostalgic feeling, both from the time when it is set - without cell phones, facebook, internet ... Just walking down the street with friends - as well as the events that remind us of the good times of our childhood. Letícia was correct in her words, focusing on the transition of a child to maturity in a short and objective way, in 150 pages the author delivers a complete and free story.

However, as much as it looks like a youth novel turned to a time of transition, The First and Last Summer addresses heavy issues. Little by little the situations become more tense, starting from a first love to betrayals and even heavier things. It is as if the author represented everything that we have been through in our entire life through the eyes of an observant teenager.

The First and Last Summer it is a beautiful work, apparently simple, but touching. In a poetic way, the author manages to deliver a simple yet striking story.


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