Review: The Sun is also a Star- Nicola Yoon


Resenha: O Sol Também é uma Estrela- Nicola Yoon 1Nicola Yoon became known for her youthful romance Everything and Everything, which in its simplicity manages to surprise with a turnaround. In his new work, The sun is also a star, the author decides to use her simplistic narrative again, while dealing with relevant issues.

The plot is centered on Natasha and Daniel, two teenagers who are in a decisive day for their future. She, an illegal immigrant who moved from Jamaica to the US and is being deported and he, a son of Koreans on his way to Yale's admission interview to study medicine, not willingly, but at the behest of his parents.

While Natasha tries an alternative that allows her to stay in the country, she ends up being taken to spend the day with Daniel, who in his ambition of having a totally free day before losing all his freedom because of a future that was imposed on him, tries to convince that she can make the girl fall in love with him that day.

With very light writing, Yoon takes the reader through short, but very accurate chapters. Amid all the promise of romance, the author addresses racial and religious issues, prejudices and stereotypes that greatly enrich the work, in addition to all the scientific content cited by Natasha.

The work argues that nothing happens by chance, so all the moments of the narrative are justified by the acts of the characters, however random they may seem. Whenever something - no matter how small - happens, the reasons for the characters are explained in the next chapter.

The sun is also a star it is a light book, but it can carry its message. Dealing with family problems, prejudices, unfulfilled dreams and even depression, the story becomes interesting due to its details.


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