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Review | The Talented Ripley- Patricia Highsmith


There are classic characters that are so interesting that they serve as a basis for creating new characters over the years. In books, series and movies, there is a wide variety of scammers, who are usually placed in the criminal world by chance, and these are nothing less than versions of Ripley.

This because Patricia Highsmith created in 1955 Tom Ripley in an innovative and profound way. In a time when little was dared, The Talented Ripley uses an entire work to develop his protagonist, who throughout the plot reveals an undefined sexual orientation and a great obsession that leads him to commit extreme acts when in despair.

Over more than 300 pages, the author develops the plot about Tom Ripley, who survives from scams in New York. He specializes in forging documents and has an extraordinary talent for imitating personalities and characteristics. One day, the millionaire sir Greenleaf seeks him out, assuming Ripley is a good friend of his son dickie. Greenleaf offers him a trip to Europe to try to bring Dickie back to the United States – the boy leads a quiet life on the Italian coast, far from his family. Ripley accepts the mission and starts making plans on how to enjoy the trip and get along in Europe. In Italy, he meets Dickie and the neighbor Marge, with whom he will establish a friendship triangle. Ripley develops an unhealthy and seductive relationship with his new friend: he adopts the same tastes and starts wearing Dickie's clothes, who then rejects him. Cornered, Ripley reacts in an unpredictable way that will have consequences for everyone's lives.

The new edition of Intrinsic Publisher rescues the classic, with a beautiful presentation. The plot is fluid and engages the reader, who becomes Ripley's accomplice in his tricks, unable to let go of the reading until he finds out where this is all going.

Character opening novel, The Talented Ripley uses almost the entire work to present what will be an important protagonist in the author's adventures and therefore becomes a very intimate book, which explores the psychological and leaves clues to a complicated and interesting creation to be explored.

A classic of police literature, the book gained two film versions: the first, made in 1959 by the director René Clemente, he had Alain Delon in the role of Ripley and, in Brazil, he won the title of the sun for witness; the second with Matt Damon in the lead role, filmed by Anthony Minghella in 1999, it was renamed The Talented Ripley. Both are less interesting than the original work.



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