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Review | The 12 Signs of Valentina- Ray Tavares


Valentina's 12 Signs is a book that I read when it was still posted by the author Ray Tavares on Wattpad, online story posting platform. The book is addictive, full of hilarious moments starring the main character and is full of astrology.

The story surpassed 2 million readings on Wattpad, making many publishers interested in the book. And in June 2017, the story was published by Galera Record.

The book was as successful on the internet as in the physical version, as Ray Tavares was one of the best-selling authors in Brazil for two consecutive times, and his book ranked ninth in the bestsellers at the Galera Record stand, at the Book Biennial in Rio .

Valentina's 12 Signs is narrated in first person by Isadora, a journalism student who was betrayed by her boyfriend Lucas. They had a 6-year relationship, which ended tragically when Lucas decided to cheat on her with one of his best friends from college, Amanda.

Isadora stays in a deep pit for a long time, and is dragged by her cousin and best friend Marina for a night out. There, she finds out why their relationship didn't work out: Isadora is from Aries and Lucas is from Pisces, which ends up resulting in astral hell.

Anxious to find out more about astrology, Isadora sinks into her research, and when the online journalism teacher passes a job to the class, she creates the blog 12 Signs of Valentina to report her love experiences with all the signs of the zodiac.

The story is light and funny, and the writing is not at all tiring. The characters are well crafted in the story, and you don't necessarily have to like astrology to read the book.

Reading flows in a pleasant way, and you end up so addicted to the plots that unfold that it is almost impossible not to want to read everything in one day.


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