I felt, at once, very vulnerable and yet totally safe. But I always felt that way about Jamie Fraser.

The Drums of Autumn part 1 It is the fifth book and fourth volume in the series. Outlander, written by Diana Gabaldon and published now by our partner Publisher Arqueiro.

***Attention! Do not continue reading if you have not read the first volumes of the series, it may contain Spoilers. ***

And we continue to follow the incredible saga of Jamie and Claire Fraser. After the events in Rescue at Sea, we begin to see the couple adapting to their new life.

Ian is already safe with uncle and aunt, but they are currently thrown out into the world. That is why, Jamie decides to take Claire, Fergus and Ian to visit their Aunt jocasta in River Run. The journey is long and complicated, but as usual, they manage to get there without major damage.

Once installed, they realize that Jocasta is blind and is having trouble keeping the huge place alone, so she has second thoughts about her nephew, whom she intends to leave as an heir. But Claire doesn't feel comfortable there, the place is ruled by slaves and all this ends up being very strange for someone from her time, Jamie doesn't feel different, even because he himself was a slave for a while, so the two decide try to start your life over in another way, and then the new dangers that we are used to seeing begin. To worsen. Claire doesn't forget about Jamie's grave and is constantly apprehensive about when this death will fatally occur.

At the same time, we see the life of Brianna in the present. We follow the progress of your relationship with Roger and the repercussions of Claire's choice on Brianna's life. In the midst of a search, Roger ends up discovering evidence of a fatal fire involving the Fraser couple, now he is faced with the dilemma of whether or not to tell his girlfriend, as they have the time to avoid it, but not the means.

The Drums of Autumn part 1 It's the slowest book I've read in the series so far. Focused only on the couple's adaptation in the new world, it ends up being very routine, breaking the atmosphere of the previous volumes, always full of adventures. The reading starts to flow better towards the middle of the work, but the tension part is left to be presented in part 2.

Diana Gabaldon finally decided to openly address slavery, and that pleased me a lot. The story takes place in a time when it is customary to have slaves, but until now this subject had been little explored, with only a few mentions. Now, we have a house full of them and all Claire's questions on the subject, a more than necessary analysis in a work like this.

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Even though it's slower than its predecessors, The Drums of Autumn part 1 is still Outlander and pleases fans only with the well-known, and wonderful, narrative of Diana. The busy part for having stayed for the continuation, but this adaptation is very necessary for the following events. Luckily, Archer has already announced part 2 for release next month.


  1. I keep reading Outlander reviews and I get more and more curious. I only read the first book and decided to stop, even though I generally liked the development of the story. I found it interesting that the author explores in this book a little more about slavery, I think this is the great asset of historical novels, knowing the historical moment of that time. It's a shame that this book has been more "stale", but it could also be the fact that a single volume has been split in two. Anyway, I'm almost convinced myself to continue reading the books in this series.

    Hugs! Lucas, Carpe Liber.

    • Damn Lucas, I don't even know how you managed to stop at the first one, we're usually already in love with this volume! LOL

      From the second, all are divided in two, and this ends up leaving one more still than the other, but nothing serious.

      Historical moments are really explored in Outlander, the author always finds a way to explain a battle, war, or something small but important. I think you should get back to reading soon! :P

      Thanks for the comment.

  2. heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Actually I also considered it the slowest and put this in my review. The author used more to show what life is like in America and I believe that in the second there will be more good things, but I'm loving everything. I love Outlander!


    Greice Negrini

    Blogging Books


    • Hello!

      I believe that no volume is slow enough for fans to dislike it, right? I believe the next one will make up for all the lack of action in this one, after all, the promise of the synopsis has not yet been explored.

      Thanks for the comment.


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