Review: Outlander- The Cross of Fire Part 2



The Cross of Fire part 2 is the eighth book and fifth volume in the series Outlander, written by Diana Gabaldon and published now by our partner Publisher Arqueiro.

***Attention! Do not continue reading if you have not read the first volumes of the series, it may contain Spoilers. ***

Faithful readers of Outlander certainly they have already become accustomed to the standard of copies divided in Brazil. Generally, part 1 starts off halfway, to compensate for the action in the facts narrated in part 2. The Cross of Fire Part 1 is the most still book in the saga so far, however, as usual, The Cross of Fire Part 2 arrives with breathtaking moments

The Autumn Drums dramatically changed the course of history, inserting Brianna and Roger in events that seem to be as complicated as those that hit our beloved main couple. In this new volume, the insecurities of two young people who grew up in a different era are widely explored. With the question of the son that Roger had to assume, much of the dramatic burden is in charge of the relationship of the two, while the difference in time is demonstrated in Roger's lack of skills.

However, there are more problems in the issue of the paternity of the small Jemmy than just Roger's emotional question. There is a risk that the child's terrible real father will go after him and, driven by that thought, Jaime and Roger intend to begin a dangerous search for revenge. This and other remarkable events bring a lot of action to the book.

While inserting new characters, and returning others who are not so dear to the public, Diana presents a suffocating twist that forces Claire and Brianna to take charge of the situation.

Again, Diana prepares us for the shock by delving into the emotional of the characters in part 1. The more engaging and everyday the situation gets, the heavier it is when the turnaround comes and that is exactly what the author can do in The Cross of Fire Part 2.

Extremely exciting and suffocating in many ways, The Cross of Fire Part 2 it remembers the beginning of the first volumes of the saga, where the reader becomes so involved in the plot that he seems to suffer together for a long time. Again, Diana proves her talent and demonstrates that, Outlander there's still a lot of story to tell.


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