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The second volume shows a great maturity, of the plot, the characters and the subjects covered.

Review | PS: I still love you - Jenny Han

Ps: I still love you is the continuation of the trilogy written by Jenny Han. This book takes place shortly after the end of the first volume. From now on we know that it was Kitty who sent LJ's letters and all this out of revenge. Besides that, Lara Jean and Peter they are fighting, that is, they do not end up together as shown in the film from the first book.

However, Lara Jean is more determined to make peace with Peter. She decides to write a letter declaring herself and almost gives up but Peter forgives her and they realize that the feeling they have for each other is more intense than they even imagined. Now they can love each other freely and come out. Remembering that a new contract is signed.

Well, everything is perfect until Lara Jean suffers a great emotional impact: a video of her intimate moment with Peter on the school trip went viral. They are kissing in a hot tub. Everyone starts whispering and making bad comments about her and implies that they have had sex, even though they haven't. With Lara Jean completely shaken, Peter promises that he will find the person responsible for the video posted and whoever spread this malicious rumor and LJ is more relieved.

We can see when reading the plot that not only the character LJ is more mature but the writer also matures in this book. She raised a very pertinent and current topic, which is the fact that if a man has intimate relations with women, he is the “guy” or the “stud” and the judgment in relation to the woman is very cruel, we are considered naughty or "Easy". It is no wonder that the “Girl Power BBB20” movement has raised debates in society. Why is society always ready to embarrass women and applaud men for enjoying sex? In this work, we have an approach about a deeper loving relationship ... Simple things like kissing, holding hands, jealousy, how passionate we must be to advance the dating level and the long-awaited first time. It is a unique moment and that every woman expects to have with someone who is as special as the moment. It is something to be remembered with tenderness and sweetness, after all it is the unfolding of a new stage in a woman's life. 

“You set me free, Peter. It gave me my first love story. ”

We see a dream dating going on but Lara Jean has her insecurities and like every woman who is blooming she manifests her troubles. Peter still has Genevieve very close to you and LJ is not so comfortable with it, however, he pushes the situation with his belly. Well, they were friends that didn't come apart, but something happens and their friendship trembles until they stop talking. And the jealousy and distrust become unbearable to the point that LJ no longer wants to relate to Peter. This happens a lot in current relationships. Sometimes it is our insecurity that prevents us from being happy. Lara Jean at a certain time comments that if she had always left for "Gen" in situations ... Maybe the breakup with Peter would not have happened. The mistrust of him reveals how uncertain her feelings for him were. On the other hand, we see a Peter emotionally tied up with his ex. As much as the reason was noble, he should have been more honest with LJ than he waited for someone whole and not half. And in this emotional mess comes John Ambrose McClaren that put in doubt all the certainties that LJ apparently had and a love triangle is created, giving a full body in the love life of Lara Jean.

Something unexpected surprises readers of this dream novel. In the meantime, LJ starts volunteering at a retirement home for the elderly in Belleview. There, as a Scrapbook teacher, LJ starts to have a closer relationship with Stormy, a woman well ahead of her time and who was presented briefly in the previous book. In this second book, she has a constant presence. The lady who lives in the Belleview house has all the characteristics of a lady 1950s and is crazy about life. She knew very well how to enjoy her adolescence and with that she knows every suitor who has ever gone through her life. Besides, she knows how to give the best advice to LJ who is stunned by her experience. The most charming thing about this character is that she has a very lively strength and courage. She has a very current freedom speech. She believes that women can do what they want, when they want and with whomever they want. Without having to be ashamed and clear with conscience. She proudly shares that a woman should have power over her own body, both as protecting and enjoying it. It is interesting that the author addressed this issue that needs to be further discussed in society.

"If the two people are meant to be together, they will find their way to each other."

One of the most important points in this book is that the relationship between the Song sisters gets stronger and they talk about everything that has happened in the past few months. Something very cool that Kitty and LJ are starting to do is to encourage their father to have a relationship with someone, showing that even after a great love is gone, we cannot be alone all the time and everyone misses a company. Even in an acidic mood, Kitty has a good laugh and sometimes plays the big sister. Stormy in one way or another drives LJ's life and with her wise advice, Lara Jean matures and opens up a little more to life.

Jenny Han it has wonderful writing and makes the reader get more and more attached to the plot. As in the first book, this one is also written in the first person with LJ openly telling his experiences and insecurities and both she and we come to the same conclusion: there was a maturation not only of the character but of the writer and the reader. Love is not easy, it is not sweet and it is not forever. Our greatest love is with us. We are responsible for our own happiness. Another very important detail: cooking. Through the hands of Lara Jean, Jenny Han presents us with delicious recipes for cakes, cookies and cookies. The recipes are so present in the plot that Editora Intrinsica launched a mini cookbook, with all the recipes that the character makes in the books.


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