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Review | Pancadaria: Inside the epic Marvel vs DC conflict

Even before superheroes fight each other on the pages of comic books, the two biggest publishers that publish them - the American ones Marvel and A.D - have been exchanging punches for decades to decide who is the best. They hold the properties of the most iconic characters in the pop culture. THE DC Comics has in his hands the Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, just to name three of the best known characters around the world. THE Marvel is not far behind and publishes the adventures of Captain America, Spider-Man, Avengers and X-Men, among others from a rich universe of pop myths. Over the decades, Marvel and DC have struggled to decide who increases their fan base and admirers the most and, of course, who sells the most and dominates this industry. This battle, alternating between ups and downs - and some casualties - on both sides, has the best episodes of the classic beatings that every comic book reader dreams of reading, but whose backstage he was unaware of. So far.
PancadariaPancadaria - Inside the epic Marvel vs DC conflict reveals in a fluid and delicious text how this rivalry started. The author, Reed Tucker, an American journalist specialized in entertainment and pop culture, still shows how both competitors feed on her, including stimulating the polarization of fans, who fight among themselves - the marvetes and the dcnautas - to see which universe of heroes is the best: Superman or Thor? Justice League or Avengers? Batman or Captain America?
Based on interviews with leading figures in the industry, Tucker tells an exciting story, started in the 1930s when DC Comics (then National) was the powerful one in the comic book market, with characters like Superman and Batman, dominating the hearts and minds of children eager for the adventures of their heroes. But the publisher, who always flew sovereign, as well as her hero kryptonian, was slow to react when Stan Lee, an alleged middle-aged novelist of the near bankrupt Timely Comics, played his last card: he launched, in 1961, alongside Jack Kirby, the number 1 of “Fantastic Four”.
Marvel's new proposal, with a line of characters who, above all, were fallible and human, unlike the untouchable DC heroes, not only seduced but broadened the readership, which started to arouse the interest of young adults, with more complex and thought-provoking plots. It was the beginning of a battle in which both publishers would use whatever was possible to be at the top: stealing ideas and talents, using spies and stimulating the price war. The dispute continues today and has been amplified with the two publishers being absorbed by large companies in the entertainment industry - DC by Warner and Marvel for Disney - which expanded the universe of comics in an unbelievable way, starting to move not only the branch of publications but a true source of licensed products, such as toys, electronic games and adaptations for films and TV series and TV channels. streaming.
Who won the battle? Pancadaria shows that Marvel is still ahead. But it does not matter. After all, both publishers can lose what is most unique - their ideas, their myths, their creations - swallowed up by the bureaucratic and not innovative world of large corporations.

After all this, is it worth it?

With an abbreviating synopsis, Pancadaria is a real hit in the face of the fans of both publishers. It is a book that goes beyond who is the best (for many Marvetes and DCnautas only strength prevails, whether physical or mental), following by those who made these companies what they are today.

Marvel and DC are not just Spider-Man and Batman, they go further with characters that were created for various reasons, such as the arrival of Irish immigrants to the USA, as a comparison with Superman. It was and still is, a need for people to have something tangible and that they could understand and mirror. Many felt like an alien in this new country.

As well as young people who could not talk to their parents about their bodily changes, sexuality, the definition of employment, the fear of facing people, etc., which were well placed in scripts of Peter Parker's stories, when the hero is plus the one behind the mask.

Pancadaria shows that the fight between publishers continues only among fans, and a little among them to have a piece of the market, because without this fight, the capitalism by which they survive, would lead them to bankruptcy, as practically happened with Marvel in the US. 1990s, which made her sell the rights to many of her characters to other entertainment companies like Fox, Sony, etc.

It is also worth remembering other publishers that went bankrupt and had their assets purchased by DC, in the case of characters such as Shazam, Blue Beetle, among others, which ended up generating one of the biggest DC sagas, Crisis in Infinite Lands, which served to put the house in order.

There are many stories and behind the scenes that older readers will remember and laugh at how things were in those days. Just as the younger generations will be surprised and even find it impossible how things were created and done in the face and courage, which made people like Stan Lee, much more than mere character creators, but true heroes. in having left more than a legacy for so many people around the world.

Pancadaria: Inside the epic Marvel vs. DC conflict, it is a true history lesson not only from these publishers, but also from the economic and social changes that they went through and survived for decades and that still struggle today to maintain themselves.

Without a doubt, a book for those who want to know more about these publishers, economists, administrators, whoever!

The edition we received from publisher Rocco it has a very retro cover, reminiscent of classic comic covers, with relief in its name and the seal of Fábrica 231 for which it was launched. It also has well-divided notes from each chapter at the end of the book that will help readers to better situate themselves in every detail that the author wrote. So be sure to check the notes!

The book takes 4 “just one more chapter” out of 5.

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