Celeste NG she is an author who is not afraid to expose social failures that lead to problems and secrets in apparently well-structured families in the best possible way.

In Small Fires Everywhere, the author focuses on two very different families, residents of small Shaker Heights, a standard city where everything is considered perfect and everything is planned for the safety of residents. However, this changes when Elena Richardson decides to admit two new tenants to one of his apartments: Mia and Pearl Warren.

Mia is a single artist who raises her daughter Pearl on her own. Always moving from one city to another in search of inspiration for his arts. Elena, on the other hand, is the ideal type for the organized city, a successful journalist and an exemplary mother of a family, methodical, organized and always concerned with maintaining the standard of living of her well-respected family. With 4 children, LexiTripMoody and Izzy, the Richardson family seems to get along better with the Warren, however, a secret in Mia's past, which if discovered could end the city's perfect reputation, ends Elena's peace.

Through an extremely constant narrative, which manages to sharpen the reader's curiosity at all times, always inserting small hints of new puzzles at each end of the chapter, the author presents a work much more complex than any synopsis could reveal. Going deeper into each relationship and personality, be it adults or teenagers, Celeste inserts several problems that any family could face, but which are wisely buried in order not to destroy the perfect images of the residents.

The plot begins with a fire, where the main suspect is Izzy, the youngest daughter of the Richardson. Considered the black sheep of the family, the girl never fit into this perfect world and is therefore seen as a constant problem. Starting from that point, the book explores the past of each character, while dealing with the secrets of the present. It is not uncommon for the author to present a dilemma where the reader cannot take sides, where there is no real right or wrong.

The different types of creation, motherhood and lifestyles are presented in an almost unthinkable way in Small Fires Everywhere, with situations that impress the reader, showing Celeste's immense creativity. Among these different points of view, small and specific criticisms about status and prejudices are made.

Small Fires Everywhere it is a simple book, but complex in its details. With an instigating and critical reading at the right times, the plot involves the reader, who will hardly leave the work, but will certainly change his opinion several times through the different points of view presented by the author.


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