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With supernatural and horror tales, Paola Giometti surprises with diverse stories and unexpected endings. The fast pace detracts from some titles, but the reading is pleasant and exciting.

Review | Post Mortem - Paola Giometti

Always good to talk about national literature, and the current review is by Post Mortem gives Paola Giometti.

With a collection of 8 horror tales, ranging from the supernatural to psychological terror, Paola presents us with unexpected moments and twists that are not easily found in this type of literature, in addition to some tales being set in the city of São Paulo, bringing a closeness at the time of reading that is sometimes missed when we are reading foreign literature.

Because they are short stories, there is no room for the characters to develop, and the same happens with the stories themselves, which have good premises, but which seem to be rushed to fit that specific space. Of course, that's not the case with all of them, most of them are the ideal size for the story being told, ending up at the right point and leaving that feeling of "what did I read?" That makes the reader go back and read again so as not to miss anything blank. Some stories also leave open stories that can be developed later in other stories or even a solo book.

Highlights go to The Red Flame, which takes place in a hotel room but the outcome leaves that feeling of wanting to know what happened next and to The Sewer People, which takes place in the city of Santos, with mysteries that are found underground.

Paola Giometti
Paola Giometti

About the author

Paola Giometti has a degree in biology with a PhD in science, with books launched since she was 11 years old. Among its publications is the series Fábulas da Terra and Drako and the Elite dos Dragões Dourados, which gained prominence in the media for being a ”Fantasy that reflects on differences, helping young people to overcome pessimism and problems with self-esteem”. His book The Destiny of the Wolf from the Fábulas da Terra series will be released in English and German in the second half of 2020

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