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For those who like fantasy, The infernal pieces is one of the best trilogies.

Review | Mechanical Princess - Cassandra Clare

Mechanical Princess is the outcome of the trilogy The infernal pieces, who answers who Tessa is, what Mortmain's plans are and what her motivation is. Not to mention the love triangle: Tessa, Jem and Will, which surprisingly won over many fans, even with so many readers saturated with the narrative of two boys vying for a woman's heart.

First of all, it is very important to warn those who have not read Mechanical Princess do not see the first page with the family tree of shadowhunters. At the beginning it has all the spoilers about couples, and the Carstars, Herondale and Lightwood families. It even has information about the characters of the series The mortal instruments, so be careful when opening the book, because right on the first pages we have this information.

Now that Tessa and Jem are engaged, the young man appears to be getting better and better. But it is only after a certain time that the girl discovers that, in fact, her fiancé is taking a much larger amount than necessary. yin fen, demonic drug. The drug, although it keeps Jem alive, also kills him little by little and the more consumed, the less time the young person will have. Jem wants to be well to spend as much time as he can with Tessa. Since the first book in the series, we have been apprehensive all the time, because Jem is sick and we know he will not have much time to live. And to complete, Mortmain has bought all the doses of the medicine and tries to make a deal with Tessa so that she gives herself and in exchange he will give the entire stock of yin fen for Jem.

While reading, you can see why the love triangle that Cassandra Clare created is unique. Jem and Will are parabai, that is, they are brothers and will always defend each other's lives until death, each one has its own characteristics. Jem is the most naive and sweet type of young man, when he is on the scene, the reader feels safe, he always tries to keep everyone together. Will is very ironic and funny, but he has a certain sensitivity. The difference of this romance is that the two boys love each other so much that they want to see each other well and Will, even loving Tessa, gives her up so that Jem has a happy ending. Finally, Mortmain's story is revealed and why he hates shadow hunters is explained. And we are shown the extent of Tessa's powers, which is a very important factor in the outcome.

The book has a point that was very unusual, the climax and the conclusion of the plot of the "villain" is made when there are still 80 pages to finish the work. It was surprising to see that the writer was concerned with explaining the life of each character. This trilogy, in addition to the plot, had a very strong attachment to the relationship between the characters, so in these last pages we are taken to know what the future of shadow hunters will be like. In the epilogue the author tied the story of Hellish plays with The mortal instruments and, in a way, the two collections are intertwined, even though it is not necessary to read one to understand the other.

For those who like fantasy, The infernal pieces is one of the best trilogies, because it has everything from action, comedic moments and exciting scenes, without being predictable and the outcome of each of the characters.


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