Review | Mechanical Prince - Cassandra Claire


Resenha | Príncipe Mecânico - Cassandra Claire 1Second book of the trilogy The infernal pieces, Mechanical Prince comes to bring answers to several questions that were open Mechanical Angel and opens up a range of possibilities for the third and final book that will be Mechanical princess.

After Tessa decides to ally herself with the shadowhunters, she is now involved in the mission given to all of them, to find Mortmain. Due to the outcome of the first book, where the London Institute was invaded by Mortmain, the Magistrate determines a time for Charlote to find information about the whereabouts of this mysterious man, otherwise, she risks losing control of the Institute.

The book begins with this fight against time and the search to learn more about the automata and the reason for Mortmain's obsession with Tessa. This second volume, compared to the rhythm of the first, is more relaxed, because even with some action scenes, the writer focuses a lot on the relationship of the characters with each other, she explores the dialogues and the sentimental side, the vulnerability and the thoughts of both shadow hunters and Tessa. And because they have well-built characters, these scenes become exciting and welcoming.

In this search for answers, the residents of the London Institute follow some clues that lead them closer and closer to Mortmain and to discover more about the origin of Tessa's powers. At the same time, the characters' secrets and betrayals are revealed, causing a twist and greater tension during the narrative.

Jem Catairs prints the cover, one of the main characters of the trilogy and in this second book in particular, it is possible to see that he has an even more present role than in the first. Another character that also appears a lot is Maguns Bane, who ends up having a very important participation in the discoveries and is always present helping shadow hunters to solve the problems that permeate the story.

A very important point to highlight is the image of the woman in this work. Mainly because of the time when the plot takes place, it is evident how the female sex was underestimated both in the ability to make rational choices, in having their own voice, and in being able to command leadership positions. Throughout the book, this thought is broken by the competent attitudes that women perform. 

O Mechanical Prince has a fluid language, the writer continues along the same lines as the first book, letting the characters discover little by little about the various mysteries, while opening a range of questions that can only be answered in the third book, Mechanical Princess.


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