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Class Question is a book that has the power to go beyond shock, showing itself as a true mirror of how much humanity can do cruelty without thinking about the consequences.

Review | Class Question - Christina Dalcher

"If this book upset you, I achieved my goal."

For a book to “want to be read”, more than a synopsis is needed. You need a good storyline and characters that we empathize with. It's been a long time since a story hasn't touched emotions as much as Class Question in Christina Dalcher, the same author of Vox also launched by Publisher Arqueiro.

This second work by the writer is above Vox, both in social and emotional criticism. It is a “horrible” book to read, as it only brings feelings of hatred, sadness, disgust and so many other negatives that comes moments that make you want to close and throw the book away. This is all because Class Question it's a mix of fictional characters with a real world.

There are inserted many of our thoughts and desires that we express in words, but we never thought about the reflexes that this will bring not only for us, but also for others, even if they are not by our side. The book demonstrates this bubble in which we live where we simply don't weigh our words, dropping them like bombs on people we don't like, because they are simply different from us. Yes, different. Something interesting, because if someone doesn't like that person for the clothes, or the way he talks, it's because he is different. Yes, she is, no matter how many excuses she makes, she has differences. And it is this world that Christina Dalcher shows us.

While society in a certain bubble lets out words that everyone is equal, Class Question deprives us of all of this by showing that when this equality comes in your Class, be it social or school, you may even like it, but a large majority will turn their heads for several reasons.

In this dystopian USA, but at the same time so real of the 21st century in which we live, the country is separated by a new class that is its Q, or its intelligence quotient. Getting a low grade at school will have serious consequences for your entire life, like never being able to enter a university or get a job, staying only in so-called underemployment.

Students are separated by categories, which are the Silver, Green to Yellow schools, that is, from the most intelligent to the “idiots”. And here we relearn certain words that should have been extinguished in the last century, such as moron, which at the beginning of the century was used to describe people - including women - who were unable to have a acceptable performance.

Anxiety, depression and even disagreeing with her husband were reasons for someone to be thrown into some mental institution for idiots. And in this way, the author speaks with a history class about the rights to freedom, how perverse we are in our perfect little worlds and we can kill anyone with just one word.

Furthermore, it transports us through a part of history that has never been shown in any class, which is Eugenia and how the United States already thought of a “pure” country long before Aldolf Hitler. Again the story is only written by the winners and the social tests that nobody accepts are the responsibility of the losers, like the eugenics that was made to exterminate not only the disabled, but also a good part of the black community.

Class Question it goes beyond a USA where only intelligence is supreme, in even your money will not be able to save you, because if it is a little different from the others, it certainly will not belong to the so-called pure ones.

Read with a computer in your hand to do various researches about some terms used by the author, as well as the names she gives and realize how much humanity can be equal in cruelty, even if it has not slaughtered millions of people, because what is difference from being cruel to one or thousands? Cruelty is always cruelty.

To learn more about Eugenia, click here and on here.


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