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You know that kind of book that we pick up, cling to and devour in a few hours without seeing the hours go by? The kind of book that deals with very relevant topics for society, families, full of representativeness with an incredible good humor? Many books are like that, but today's one is the Fifteen days, from the beginning author Victor Martins.

The book is narrated in first person and as narrator and protagonist, we have Philip, a teenager like any other, of the nerdy type and who loves serials, reading and swimming. Well, at least he loved swimming as a child. He lives with his mother, Rita, a plastic arts teacher that anyone who reads the book, will wish to have Rita as a mother or, to have a mother as Rita. Everything would be amazing if Felipe didn't suffer bullying daily by his schoolmates. For him, the July vacation would be the culmination of rest because he didn't have to put up with his classmates for a while and also, with only six months left to finish high school and get rid of them all once and for all.

Resenha: Quinze Dias-Vitor Martins 1
Art and dedication of the book 'Quinze Dias', by Vitor Martins | Photo / Playback: Internet

Mainly from Jorge and Bruno, the youth's first-degree offenders. All because Felipe runs away from the standard that society imposes: Felipe is fat - yes, he is presented to us in this way. No chubby, cuddly, full. He's really fat - and gay. He came out to his mother very early and that is the least of his problems. Since he was a child, he has a passion for Caio, the neighbor of apartment 57, even, were friends when they were little and they got to swim several times in the condominium pool playing mermaids.

But day by day they drove them away and on the first day of Felipe's vacation, he is told by his mother that Caio will stay at his house for fifteen days, as the boy's parents traveled to Chile in celebration of their wedding anniversary and did not want to leave him alone at home. Rita agrees to take care of the boy during the period of the trip and now, Felipe will have to deal with Caio, his passion for the boy and also, with his frustrations and mishaps that will appear during these fifteen days.

Resenha: Quinze Dias-Vitor Martins 2
Vitor Martins, author of the book 'Quinze Dias' | Photo / Playback: Internet

Vitor Martins, the author of the book, is well known to the young audience for being active in their social networks and also for being the owner of a channel in the YouTube with almost 50 thousand subscribers. In his channel, the young man reports on illustration (his profession), books, series and also, subjects of the universe LGBT. To what extent Felipe has Vitor, we don't know, but there is a first identification with Felipe's story right away. The writing that Vitor uses to narrate the scenes and also the dialogues, brings the reader closer to the characters and the days in which they live. Each chapter corresponds to a certain day - as if Felipe published his diary and we became intimate with the boy during those days.

Although the LGBT plot is quite recurrent in the book, it becomes the plot secondary to history - why being gay in Fifteen days is the least. Felipe's homosexuality is portrayed in a calm and normal way by Rita, his mother. Vitor is keen to bring up questions about the standard that society imposes, whether commercial establishments are prepared to receive those who are fat, female empowerment and also, the questions and “achologies”That society has about who is fat. The author manages to express, with a jovial language, the delights and difficulties of being fat where thin society predominates.

Resenha: Quinze Dias-Vitor Martins 3
Iconic art and phrase from the book 'Quinze Dias', by Vitor Martins | Photo / Playback: Internet

According Barbara Morais, author of Anomalous trilogy, “it's so natural to identify with the dilemmas of the characters and want to be one of Felipe's friends“, And attests that Quinze Dias is an indispensable reading. I believe that Vitor does not want to raise flags, but to make the topic "gay", "homosexuality", be treated in the most normal and natural ways possible. Felipe, Felipe's mother, represents zillions of mothers and fathers who accept their gay children regardless of what others will think. Characters like Rebeca and Melissa they are extremely captivating and demonstrate that female empowerment is far from extinct (both the practice and the topic in debates). Women, get inspired by them!

Lastly, Fifteen days it is a refreshment among so many other books that portray themes relevant to society. Anyone who is passionate about books cannot fail to read this masterpiece. Vitor Martins is a box of knowledge of Pop culture (or would it be Felipe?) And ventures into the literary universe and is preparing to launch his second book next year, so far, without a defined title. It was successful in Rio 2017 Book Biennial and I have no doubt that your literary career is just beginning. I can't wait to read other things about the boy, which is a big promise within LGBT literature. And if I were you, I'd delight in Fifteen days as soon as possible. The whole world is yours, Vitor Martins.


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