Rio de Janeiro, December 1868. The kid Vitorino Quissama runs away from the slave quarters to look for the missing mother. Use the traveler Daniel Woodruff, former Scotland Yard agent who can assist you in your mission. Moving between the court rooms and the precarious tenements of the tenements, the pair will have to face the dangers and injustices of a society sustained by slave labor.

Based on the manuscripts of Daniel Woodruff (1832-1910), The Capoeira Empire gives Publisher Biruta, the book reconstructs the saga of a city divided by the secret war of the Nagoas and Guaiamuns, two of the largest and most feared malt of the 19th century. At a time when the writer José de Alencar he was Minister of Justice and the Empire of Brazil devoted all its resources to the War of Paraguay, Woodruff could hardly imagine that, behind Vitorino's personal search, a conspiracy was insinuating that would change the course of our History.

This is the summary of this book, which spans adventure and history! The narrative of Maicon Tenfen it is smooth, easy to read, even if the author keeps the terms and words of the time. But this is not something that gets in the way, but it gives the reader more dynamics.

The book often resembles the classics of Firefly Series, mainly authors such as Marcos Rey or José Maviel Monteiro, both renowned authors who managed to hold their readers with adventures and mysteries. In the same way, Maicon Tenfen does the same with his historical adventure and characters that captivate the reader.

One of the highlights of O Império dos Capoeiras, is not only in terms of an adventure in the times of the Brazilian Empire, but for portraying our society, the way slaves were treated and especially our heritage: A Capoeira!

The narrative is a lesson about our martial art, mixed with the society of the time and how slaves were often used as a resource for violence by politicians against the population.

Furthermore, O Império dos Capoeiras manages to leave the reader with that feeling if he is actually reading an original transcript, or if the author wrote and created such remarkable characters. Regardless of what is in the synopsis of the book, and how Maicon Tenfen used the theme, the book is undoubtedly an excellent work that should be in the library of every lover of literature or Capoeira!

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review-quissama-o-imperio-dos-capoeiras-maicon-tenfenThe Império dos Capoeiras is an adventure full of history that addresses Brazilian Imperial society and the relationship of slaves to Brazilian martial art.


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