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Recursion is an exciting and intimate book, which takes each chapter to think and analyze what memories really are and how far we can distinguish which are ours, from those "imposed" by our brain's deceptions.

Review | Recursion - Blake Crouch

Memoirs. But in the end, what are memories? The answer seems simple to answer, but if you stop thinking and analyzing, things like "living" will come to mind. Really living is a part of these memories. And when these memories are not ours? This is the main idea of the book Recursion of the writer Blake Crouch. The author, who is a screenwriter and author of several bestsellers how Dark matter, gives Intrinsic, manages to hold the reader from the beginning with a narrative full of philosophical, psychological and biological thoughts.

If memories are part of life, what to do when you realize that they are false, but to the point of really knowing that they do not exist, but are so vivid, that they lead you to despair?

In this context, Crouch leads you to think and investigate with the main character, Barry Sutton, what is happening in the city, when when he is called upon to intervene in a suicide attempt, he is faced with a woman suffering from False Memory Syndrome, a mysterious disease that plants in the head of its victims memories of lives that they never had.

Thereafter, the reader is taken on an introspective and also investigative journey, with the narrative being described in the past and in the present, showing the reasons that led to the disease. But the author does not deliver the answers so easily, leaving until the last moment that the reader can discover for himself what is really behind all this.

“(…) If the memories are simply changeable? In that case, what is real? And if the answer is nothing, what is left? ”

What is fascinating about this book is the ability to make the reader question at all times about the memories, both of the characters, as well as their own. One of the most notable questions about these memories is: “How would i know if one of them changed? What would you feel? ”.

This may not have a conclusive answer, but it is thought provoking to think that our brain can play tricks on us when we think we really remember something, but in reality it is a patchwork. Even more to understand how the minds of people who have had some kind of neurological disorder and mess up their memories with other people's experiences work.

Recursion it is an engaging plot with social criticism of the pharmaceutical and technology industry, especially the people who make these companies what they are, after all, behind the name, there are individuals so passionate and obsessed with what they do, that they can create all the time Monsters of Frankstein.


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