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Royal City Vol. 1 Family Secrets is an excellent graphic novel full of preambles to the route. On each page the reader is literally thrown into the thoughts of each character, which could well be each one of us.

Review | Royal City Vol. 1: Family Secrets

This is a graphic novel that surprises every page. With a stroke that seems to lack a “finish” and its yellowed and tired tones, Jeff Lemire more than his readers offer this work. It brings reflection on who we are and where we are.

Okay, this seems beaten and a plot already made by thousands of other authors. Only the difference in Royal City, are the family secrets, as the subtitle says. During the narrative, we are taken like a ghost, like Tommy, a character who can be the center of this plot, but who is carried along the edges of everything like us, serving not as a conductor, but as the reader's conscience.

We have “one” Tommy of various ages who reflect each of his brothers and mother. They see Tommy in ways that they saw the youngest of the family, but not as he really was.

And this view shown by Jeff Lemire is profound, making you think how selfish we are in saying that no one sees us as we really are, just as they would like us to be, but at the same time we do this with other people, whether our friends or even family.

The intensity of identity presented by the author is like a biography, not of him, but of who is reading. The return of the character Patrick to Royal City, a city on the verge of its extinction, with people who do not know what they want from the future, but complain about its present, and even then do not accept changes.

In addition, in Patrick the reader has a little bit of himself at some point in his life, especially if he is older. It doesn't matter if you are a "winner" or a "loser" in how you see yourself, how Patrick at some point in his life was moved from his place to a new one to reinvent himself, but always returning at some point to stay inside a cocoon .

Only that a point in his life came, that he was caught between two people: the one who became and the other who tried to bury in the past. And now he feels like he's in a museum, where he can only look at pieces from the past without being able to touch them or like a ghost, realizing that the more he wants to get out of there, the more he gets stuck and that the person he has become is just a point of your imagination and that it is now about to disappear, leaving the question: if it disappears, what will be left?

The first volume of Royal City is to be read at least 3 to 4 times. So that you can taste, repudiate, analyze, whatever is in this story, which is personal to everyone who reads it, because Royal City is just an illusory city that is each one of us.

About Graphic

Royal City of Intrinsic has a good finish, presenting the backstage of this first volume. Even so, something more is missing that could be a hard cover to give a more “noir” content to Jeff Lemire's work. Anyway, the graphic has a good impression and is not tiring for your reading.


One of the biggest names in the new generation of comic artists, the award-winning Jeff Lemire won a prominent place with works for Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, among others. His style ranges from pop to cult, and his works deal with sensitivity and irreverence on topics such as loneliness, family, death, love and friendship. Written and illustrated by the author, the series Royal City narrates the drama of a dysfunctional family and the daily life of a city in decline.

There is something different about Royal City, a strangeness that seems to involve everyone and everything. It is in this once prosperous city that the Pike family lives, torn apart since the mysterious death of the youngest, Tommy, decades before. Since then, the Pikes have been haunted by this ghost, who appears to each family member in a way, whether as the naive little boy, the chaste man, the angry teenager or the inconsequential drunkard.

When his father suffers a stroke, Patrick Pike, a writer in crisis, grudgingly returns to the city and the memories from which he wanted to escape. He soon finds himself immersed in family secrets and problems, and his encounter with Tommy can have devastating consequences.

With touches of fantastic realism and mystery, Royal City: Family secrets brings together the first five issues of an urban saga about a collapsing family and about the traumas and memories that the past has failed to bury.


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