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Review | Be a man: unmasked masculinity - JJ Bola


This has been an interesting time for the man, not the human being, but the masculine. For over 100 years, women have tried to make themselves heard and claim their rights due to the so-called patriarchy. With the feminist movements, a lot has been achieved, including the man's right to be what he wants and not what society wants.

In Be a man: masculinity unmasked, the author JJ Ballfrom the publisher Dubliner, exposes masculinity as a performance for which men are socially conditioned. Through examples of cultural traditions and echoing a plurality of voices, Bola debunks several myths, such as the one that prohibits boys from crying or showing weaknesses.

But this is just the beginning of the pages where the author uses an example in some situations, such as the cultural part. In some parts of the planet, a man holding the hand of another is something common, as well as kissing the cheek, but in the Western view this is totally an assault on customs.

Durante o livro JJ Bola de maneira fantástica sensibiliza tanto homens quanto mulheres do fardo que é viver em uma sociedade ditatorial em que nossas crianças são expostas desde a infância a se separarem de infinitas formas, desde o uso de cores, ao “quem manda aqui”. Também mostra o silêncio em que elas vivem, pois são ensinadas a “maltratarem” e desrespeitarem as mulheres, o que causa dúvidas e desconforto, pois estas mesmas crianças são filhos de uma mulher.

Be a man: masculinity unmasked se propõe a desafiar os falsos costumes e mitos do menino não chora, é só uma lutinha e a construção de uma masculinidade tóxica que ano após ano, mata mais e mais homens devido a violência desenfreada pelo título “seja homem”.

How many times has someone not heard these words somewhere? Be a man boy! Man doesn't cry! Be a man, respect the pants you wear. Be a man, don't complain. Be a man, it even looks like a girl. There are so many sentences already said, that they end up determining men totally without empathy and with hate for women.

They are silent men who have never learned to talk and when they enter into a relationship, they don't know how to deal with them. Some even try, but within a simple number of 10, only 2 will do this, and only 1 can be supported by anyone.

Be a man: masculinity unmasked, by JJ Bola is a cry that must be heard, tears that must be shed, and a call for help from millions of men who do not know who they are.



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