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Kiera Cass has very good writing, and that makes you comfortable with reading. However, as the main character regrets a lot, sometimes writing gets tiring.

Review | The Mermaid - Kiera Cass


The mythological world of mermaids will never be the same after reading this book. Kiera Cass, the author of The mermaid, manages to enchant and at the same time leave readers speechless with what the Water can.

Kahlen, the protagonist of the book, became a mermaid after a shipwreck caused by Water itself. She did not want to die, so Water saved her with the promise that Kahlen would have to serve her with her voice for a hundred years, with the promise of a human life after that deadline.

Kahlen achieves immortality and joins a brotherhood of girls who don't get hurt, don't age and are absurdly beautiful. The problem is that, from time to time, Kahlen and the rest of the girls need to sing to cause shipwrecks and feed the Water, and that leaves the protagonist quite guilty for the lives she needs to take.

The girl is the favorite mermaid of Water, and is also the most obedient. However, guilt and sadness consume her so much that the girl finds refuge on a university campus. As her voice is fatal, she cannot communicate with humans, but she can observe them from afar, while pretending to be part of it all, even though she knows that while she is still a mermaid, she will never be a human.

She knows Akinli on the university campus, and what impresses her is the ease of communication he has, even though Kahlen cannot speak. Unlike other people, the young man seems really interested in getting to know her, and this impresses her.

One of the most interesting things in the book is exactly the ease of communication between Akinli and Kahlen. Even though she cannot speak, Akinli acts as if the two are in a conventional dialogue. Another interesting point is the way the author approaches the mermaids, bringing things that already exist in the legend of this mythological being - such as the fact that they use their voices to attract people - and adapting others.

The work takes place eighty years after Kahlen became a mermaid, and shows how young women, even though they are mermaids, can adapt to the world of humans and even interact with them without using their voices. They squander a life of adventure and riches, but even that doesn't make Kahlen happy.

A negative point is that when you read the work, you imagine a universe of powerful and mysterious mermaids within a mystical and charming aura, and the author has sinned in this regard. The impression it gives is that Kiera did not intend for the book to have this format, but what most expect is a universe a little different from what is presented to us.

Because of guilt, the protagonist spends most of the book punishing herself for the things she needs to do for Water, and that ends up leaving the reading a little tiring. Kiera's good and fluid writing pays off, however, gives the impression that it gets repetitive.

Despite the negative points, The mermaid it is a great book to read, especially for those who want to read something different about these mythological beings.


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