The saga Twilight warmed the hearts of many fans with an unlikely love story between a vampire and a human. Many conflicts happened during the saga, but in the end the couple Edward and Bella managed to leave their mark in the memory of many passionate fans. After the publication of Breaking Dawn, rumors about a book that would tell the events of the first volume from Edward's point of view were everywhere. Now, after years it was released by the publisher Intrinsic the long awaited Sun Midnight.

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Edward narrates the events of Twilight / Reproduction

Through Edward's eyes, we follow the beginning of the love story between the vampire and the human Bella Swan who moves to the city of Forks to live with his father and ends up becoming interested in him. Much has been speculated about this book, as you can see the first books of the saga contain passages that have not been fully explained. Many fans wanted to know more about the formation of the Cullen family, more details about Carlisle before Edward, the details about everything that was not related to the novel. But even so, to better understand Edward's behavior towards Bella, as we can notice traces of possessiveness, obsession, jealousy and many other feelings between them.

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The first part of the book is focused on Edward's self-control because of Bella's sweet smell and as he narrates, we understand the force that this smell has on him and this is clearer in this book, than in Twilight. From what he tells us, she awakens the monster, the vampire inside him, and the rest of his humanity seems forgotten. In the midst of all this, it is possible to see better the dynamics of the Cullen family, which is very cool. Meyer really developed a family, with bonds of love, companionship even though they were vampires. The most beautiful relationship is between Edward and Esmee, their closeness is very loving.

One of the most "crucified" characters was the vampire Rosalie. In the first two books, it really is difficult. But with the progress of the books, we see a person who has been deprived of many and in Edward's narration, his motivations and attitudes become more evident and this makes us start to like him more. Another highlight is the relationship between the Black descendant tribe, with its werewolf curse, and the Cullens. Jacob's father, responsible for maintaining the agreement between the two groups, is aware of the dangers that the relationship between Bella and Edward can bring to peace in the region and that in a way, is well developed.

The whole story that goes on in it is the same as in the first book, but due to Edward's experience of over 100 years, he ends up rationalizing things, thinking too much. But the moment he falls in love with Bella, we see the automatic mode being turned off and he discovers her impulsive and, perhaps, even more human side. With the right proportions it is something interesting and the author's fluid and simple writing makes reading not tiring at first. However, in some moments Stephenie gets carried away and in the end we don't want to continue reading. In fact, we want more details from the past, for example, to know more about the Volturi. The fact is that Midnight Sun it is a good book, however, with too many words.

⁠ I thought of all the horrible things she had accepted about me without fear. Apparently, only the other vampires were scary.

Initially, having knowledge of his thoughts is frustrating because he is always finding humans predictable and we can perceive a certain superiority on his part, but as his curiosity for Bella gets more intense (first because he cannot read her mind) and later in the discovery of his love) he begins to become more human. And unlike Bella's version, we see a deeper character. From Edward's view, we see that Bella has many qualities and is much more interesting than shown to us in Twilight, in which she slows down a lot and summarizes the conversations between them in her version for just not feeling special and for the version of Edward, the character Bella could have been worked out better in the saga.

In fact Edward himself is far from being a perfect and flawless creature that Bella thinks he is. In this work, we see his insecurity (seeing him jealous of Mike Newton was priceless) and that he was also aware of his attitudes, being possessive, rude and aggressive towards Bella and his justification for all this, is ridiculous. In fact, it's a better book than Twilight. It is well crafted, brings more depth to the characters and manages, for a good part, to deviate from the romance between Bella and Edward in the correct dose becoming a more interesting book.

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midnight sun reviewRereading the saga, we can see that Stephenie Meyer's writing has improved a lot and the richness of details and evolution of the characters was something surreal. The cover is a separate point, as the image can cause discomfort, but it represents the entire internal battle that takes place inside Edward. It's a great book, with a few caveats. Good reading!


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