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Letting Go: Creative Writing Tools is a great book for anyone in need of writing, whether they're a journalist, screenwriter, student, or just likes to get their thoughts out into the world.

Review | Letting go: Creative Writing Tools – Renata Di Nizo

Writing is not just sitting in front of a computer or picking up a sheet of paper and putting in whatever you want. Or is it? Is everything you think complicated, even the 15-line essay, all this seven-headed beast?

Why is it that some people find it so easy to write and others don't? Is it because they read more? There are so many questions that you can ask a book just with them about the difficulty society has with writing.

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And this was not supposed to happen, since we have proven to have more texts written in these two centuries than if we add all the previous ones. It's a fact, humanity writes! He writes about passions, their stories, letters, messages, thoughts, among many other things. But even so, she still finds it difficult to loosen certain bonds.

Thus, the author Renata Di Nizo launched the book Loosening the Ties: Writing Tools creative by Summary Editorial, where she not only shows creative techniques showing how much emotion is needed, but also gives tips for dealing with dispersion.

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The 138-page book is simple and quick to read, even more because you can't stop, which already shows that the techniques shown by the author really work! Besides, it serves as a manual, so that anyone who likes to write or wants to make it an art, can always come back, open it on some page and have a chat with himself.

Yes, because you discover through these lines written by Renata that you need and should talk to yourself to write something. Even if you already think you are experienced, you still have a lot to do, because the art never ends, it just transcends.

Letting Go: Creative Writing Tools is a great book for anyone in need of writing, whether you are a journalist, screenwriter, student, or who just likes to put their thoughts out into the world.


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