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The plot shows an interesting continuation to the events of Star Wars, being very suitable for fans of the franchise.

Resenha | Star Wars Marcas da Guerra- Chuck Wending


Marks of War is the first volume of the trilogy Aftermath, which is located after the destruction of the Death Star, that is, direct continuation of Return of the Jedi.

The work is sold as essential in the understanding of The force awakens, but in reality this first volume doesn’t make much difference, it’s a starting point for the plot, I believe that at the end of the trilogy we will understand well what happened in the time that separates Return of the Jedi in The force awakens.

Marks of War se inicia seis meses após a Aliança Rebelde destruir a segunda Estrela da Morte , agora, com os imperadores mortos, a Nova Republica busca uma maneira de reestruturar a paz na galáxia, mas o Império pretende recuperar o poder.  Ciente disso, o Capitão Wedge Antilles goes on a mission in search of possible sources of imperial resistance, but ends up being captured. The Rebel Alliance pilot Norra Wexley manages to intercept his message and goes on his search, as soon as he can resume his relationship with his son, Temmin.

This is the basic premise of the work. Following the same pattern as Star Wars, we get to know new characters in the course of events, divided into different regions in each chapter, and so we gradually see the importance of each one growing. Among them I highlight the Admiral of the Empire Rae Sloane, which makes the narrative much more interesting by showing the empire’s point of view. It is also through it that speculation begins that surely every reader will make, and vibrate with the possibility of being real.

I will not introduce all the characters, nor talk about the importance of each one in this review. Mark of War is the type of book that does not require detailed information about its plot, as it is very dynamic. Even though it is only the beginning of the events that lead to The force awakens, Marks of War demonstrates that it will explain everything in the next volumes and still leaves a gap to speculate the path that the next films will trace.

As usual, the Aleph leaves nothing to be desired in the beauty of the work. In addition to this beautiful cover, the layout is rich in details, with images of stars or ships in each room.

Marcas da Guerra

Needless to say, fans of the saga will love the Trilogy Aftermath, even more because it is written in such a way as the feature films, it is not difficult to transport yourself to the scenarios during reading. It is a more than recommended reading, which will complete the knowledge about this very distant galaxy.


  1. I skipped some parts of your review, did I guess? I'm reading the book and I want to discover every detail on my own, but reading over it I noticed that you liked it, right? Oh I love it so much! <3

  2. Hello, I haven't read anything from the Star Wars universe yet, although I really want to read it, I think I haven't seen any review of this book yet, the edition looks really neat.

  3. I saw that you are a fan of SW so I will ask you a favor: is there a way to make a post explaining the chronological order of the books? kkk
    Because I get really lost when it comes to SW.
    I loved the review, it made me want to read the book.
    kisses, kisses

  4. I grew up watching Star Wars, I deeply enjoy watching the movies, debating, reviewing, but I think there is so much book about it that it seems a bit exaggerated, at first, I even felt like reading and buying some, but at the moment, after reading so many reviews, I gave up, it got tiring for me.

  5. Hi, how are you?
    I confess that I have an unconditional love for Star Wars. But, on the other hand, I'm really sick about the amount of books released, I prefer to stay with the favorites. There are so many books that I got discouraged, I really won't read.
    Big kiss

  6. Hello
    I need to have this book just to know what happened after the battle won, on the return of the Jedi. Yes, I know it has the awakening of strength, but it shows a long time later, I think that the interval between one and the other film is necessary to find out in more detail what actually happened.
    I liked your review and the existence of that book.
    Reader's company

  7. Wow, I really want to read this trilogy and, for your review, Taranis, I will love it. It is very interesting to be able to learn about other views on the war between the Empire and the Republic. I especially like the view of ordinary people, because we can make a link with the world political context, in which we live.


  8. This book looks very interesting, I read the other one that was the following and had a lot of fun. I hope I can read that too. Hopefully by the hook in the story you described.

  9. Hello all well?
    I have a strange relationship with Star Wars. I love the saga, I know several events, names and places by heart, but I can't read any related book! When it comes to Star Wars, my focus is always on movies. This book, because it is a trilogy, discourages me more. I think for me to start, the ideal would be a single book, to see if it takes off, kkkk

  10. Hey, how are you?
    I'm really excited to read this book and others from Star Wars that the publisher is launching. The story seems to be great and give us a taste of more. I hope to read the book soon.

    Kisses, Gabi
    Kingdom of Madness

  11. Hello all well?
    I think these Star Wars books are very curious, but as I am totally unaware of this world I end up getting a little lost, you know? It seems to be very good, both book and films, and I hope to start watching soon to also start reading.


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