Thor: The Siege is the new Paniniseal Marvel Deluxe, bringing together Thor 601 to Thor 610, Thor Giant-Size Finale, Siege: Origins, Siege: The Cabal, Siege 1 to 4, Siege: Loki and New Mutants 11.

This volume unites the HQ's of J. Michael Straczynski that dictate the fate of Asgard after the events narrated by the same screenwriter in Thor: The Rebirth of the Gods and Thor: In the Name of the Father.

Balder is commanding the Asgardians in Latvéria, but only now is he discovering the true intentions of the Dr. Destino in relation to its people, initiating a violent conflict between Asgardians and Latverians. Loki, always involved in everything with his manipulations, participates in this conflict with his cheats, but God has something bigger in mind.

Loki then manipulates Norman Osborn, current director of national security for the United States and leader of the Avengers, convincing him to eliminate Asgard, which is located above Broxton. Osborn's attack takes on incredible proportions, leaving the entire population at risk and for this reason, some other heroes who were out of the scene return to help in the fight.

Thor o cerco

I started reading this comic without knowing its importance in the whole Marvel Universe. I didn’t imagine a story of the Thunder God could affect Earth’s events so much, but The Siege proved to me that this is possible. We note that there are still consequences of Civil war here, even though a lot has been resolved by then, there are many references to it, even Loki relies on war to devise his plan. More than that, it has some key events for the new phase of Marvel. Citing a few examples without giving spoilers, I can say that long-lost people return here and precious explanations about the Avengers makeover are also found.

Bindings are always wonderful to accompany an event, since they bring together all the related HQs in a continuous story, greatly facilitating the reader's work. However, one thing usually bothers me about them: the difference in features caused by the change in the illustrator. Thor: The Siege I liked it very much in that sense, since the features change only in the last volume, New Mutants 11. The illustrations are really beautiful, and follow a reassuring pattern.

Thor O Cerco

Thor: The Siege finishes in a breathtaking way the battles started in Asgard, with an engaging and suffocating rhythm. It is a must-read for those who want to better understand the history of Marvel heroes and the events started in Civil war. I don't need to mention that it is advisable to read the previous two volumes for a better understanding of the story, right?



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