Review: All Standing for Perry Cook- Leslie Connor



There is always a certain fear of reading a work that involves children and prison. After The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, they all seem half empty and the reader 's greatest fear is facing an unfair plot, full of forced events.

When I come across All of Foot To Perry Cook I felt exactly that fear. The premise sells the story of Perry, an 11-year-old boy who was born and raised in the prison where his mother currently resides and after all that time his situation is discovered and a prosecutor moves him out. The first impression it gives is the story would be a dramatist, perhaps even poorly explained, but it is the type of book that piques your curiosity and even if with a foot behind, we end up reading.

When I started reading, all my fears were gone. Leslie Connor not only did he know how to explain the situation in detail, but he managed to build characters so captivating that they arrest you right from the first pages.

The first hit, without a doubt, was to use Perry's own narrative. First-person works narrated by children always have a greater emotional charge and in All Standing for Perry Cook is no different. Perry can quickly explain his situation, showing that he considers the minimum security prison where a home lives and the residents his family. Throughout the events we discovered details of this peculiar arrangement and we see that the author was very concerned about not leaving loose ends.

The second hit was to change the focus at the right time. Connor takes care to leave Perry's routine - that like any child goes to school and does physical activities when he returns to the prison - well explained and the moment when we are completely absorbed and sympathized with the characters, the focus changes and the residents' story comes up. Yes, Leslie was concerned with explaining why everyone was in prison, naturally avoiding the overload on Perry's back making the romance tiring or forced.

All Standing for Perry Cook it is a beautiful work. Passing on a beautiful message, that no matter how you live, the important thing is to be loved, the book captivates you quickly. The narrative resembles a little bedroom, which is equally beautiful and exciting for the same reason: It shows that for children the important thing is to be with their mother, regardless of their situation.

Original, exciting and well written, All Standing for Perry Cook it ended up being a pleasant surprise and a book that will be remembered for a long time.


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