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Review | Thorns Trilogy


He was trapped in the poisonous thorns. He had a reputation for being violent and unpredictable. It took a lot of courage to release such a book. And that's how the DarkSide® Books bet on the dark and launched his first dark fantasy: Prince of Thorns, debut book of the acclaimed Thorns Trilogy, in Mark Lawrence. A success that surprised a lot of people, and that would be repeated with the other books in the series, King of Thorns and Emperor of Thorns.

The Trilogy chronicles Jorg Ancrath's battles for revenge and power. Too cruel to be called a hero, Jorg easily enters the list of great scoundrels we've come to love in fantastic literature, like Alex DeLarge (Clockwork Orange) or Tyrion Lannister (game of Thrones).

Perfect for those who are already intimate with Jorg Ancrath, this is the chance to read it all at once. From the young prince to the mighty emperor. And for those who didn't know the saga yet, the THORN TRILOGY - OMNIBUS is a great gateway to the expanding universe of Mark Lawrence.

This is a book to be devoured! Literally and accompanied with a beautiful wine or if you don't drink it, it's worth a great grape juice.

Darkside has released a single edition that corresponds to the books Prince of Thorns (2013), King of Thorns (2014) and Emperor of Thorns (2014).

This special edition is fantastic. With a great finish, golden pages and a worn cover, it is without a doubt one of the publisher's best works.

The book is not far behind. With an engaging history, it stands between Fantasia and Dystopia. I'm not going to say where the story is in order not to break the reader's surprise, but it is totally surprising.

Prince of Thorns, first book in the series, is another presentation of this universe, where the seas rose and several countries no longer exist. You can already get an idea of the style of criticism that the story brings. In addition to this presentation of local geography, we have the story of the protagonist and his journey he crowns. In this new world, magic is confused with the old technology, giving the reader plenty to think about our past and future.

The second book, King of Thorns, is more still and focused on the character's past. It may sound boring, but no. It's a necessary part of the story to get to know Jorg a little more. The author makes this pause, even necessary, so that we can dive much more into his universe. These are parts we asked ourselves in the first book. And if the question is, can I not read it and skip to the third book, the answer is no! For beyond its past, the events of Prince of Thorns continue.

And finally all the parts that were in doubt will be finalized in the third and final book, Emperor of Thorns. Jorg has grown as a person. From an anti-hero, if you can call him that, to a man who has learned to see not just the world, but the people around him.

The Trilogy of Thorns is more than just a book to read and keep in your collection. It's a book that brings discussions about physics, the environment, how we see our own technology like nuclear, holography and so many others.

Undoubtedly, an adventure that not only serves to entertain you, but also to teach.

I confess that it is not an easy review to write, as anything that is placed here will take away the reader's surprise.

What I can say is that this adventure is one of the best Dark Dystopian Fantasies written among current books. Great for RPG fans and those who like big quests, whether by adventurers or by themselves.



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