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With an innocent narrative and a beautiful twist, Everything and All Things is a great piece.

Review | Everything and Everything

"A person like me in love would be like a food critic without taste buds."

Everything and Everything is the big bet of New concept for April, and no wonder, the work wins you right on the first contact.

Everything and Everything narrates the life of Madeline Whittier, uma garota de 18 anos que possuí a famosa doença conhecida popularmente com “  Doença da criança na Bolha”, ou seja, ela tem alergia ao mundo exterior. Por isso, passou toda a sua vida dentro de sua casa totalmente modificada para que nada do exterior entre em contato com ela, tendo como companhia apenas sua Mãe e a enfermeira Carla.

Madeline adapted very well to her situation, studied at home with online tutors and had several hobbies to pass the time. But it ends when olly and his family move to the house next door, Madeline begins to feel the need to live a normal life, beside him, and now she needs to know everything and everything.

“I read a lot more books than you. It doesn't matter how many you've read. I read more. I had time for that.”

The work caught my attention right in the synopsis, how can you not be interested in such a delicate subject? But it really won me over when I opened the first page and I was able to come across the delicious narrative of Nicola Yoong, the informal way in which she wrote the book makes the reading very pleasant, one of those that you can't leave until you finish. In addition, the chapters are short and Madeline uses illustrations to better show her life, making the reading even more fluid.

Tudo e Todas as Coisas

Everything and Everything starts unpretentious, showing the routine of a funny teenager who can't leave the house, but the characters don't take long to captivate, in a few chapters we are already involved in such a way that we start to suffer with the events – and anxiety-.

But the best part is due to an unexpected surprise, when we are already used to the path that the work is taking, a turnaround happens to end everything we believed would happen.

I cannot fail to mention the beauty of this work. In addition to the cover, which is beautiful and simple, it has the super cute layout of the New concept, with pages illustrating emails, surveys, tickets, etc., in a very detailed way.

Tudo e todas as coisas

Everything and Everything é uma linda história de amor, com uma bela pitada de drama, narrado de uma maneira tão inocente que consegue amenizar tudo isso. É envolvente  e profundo, proporcionando também uns momentos de auto-análise no decorrer da leitura.


  1. Our!! I had already seen that this book would be the launch of the new concept, but I didn't know that the story was so 'shocking'. I want to read now!! (I just hope I have money for it). I thought the story was very good, but I feel like I'm going to cry reading this book.

  2. Hello, how are you?
    I'm really curious to read this book, especially since I've read a lot of comments about it. Not to mention that I'm completely in love with this cover. I plan to purchase the book soon.
    kisses, Fer (FECPRATES)

  3. I'm currently reading it and I'm enjoying it, it's really light and fluid, but I haven't reached the end yet… I hope I'm not disappointed with the direction the author has prepared for the plot… the edition is really beautiful…

  4. Wow! The part that shows images and details looks really interesting, I really wanted to read it! 😀 Ah, I imagine the life that someone has without being able to have contact with the outside world and it must be complicated… :/ Wow… Reading marked in the list!

  5. Helo! I was very curious about this book, it reminded me a little of the plot of a movie, Jimmy Bubble (with Jake Gyllenhaal very young). Anyway, I loved the layout and continued with the desire to read, now even more 🙂

  6. Hello!
    This book has bonded me since the day it was presented on the website of the Novo Conceito publisher. Its simplicity blended with the plot so engaging and unique, that it enchanted me. I liked your review, it made me even more certain that I need to read this book. To yesterday!
    Reader's company

  7. I remembered that movie Jimmy Bubble, have you seen it? I love this movie, it's really funny. But unlike the movie, this book seems to have a more dramatic feel and although I enjoyed a little drama, I was in doubt whether I would read it or not.


  8. Hello all well?
    I haven't read this book yet but I'm dying for mine to come and go. The reviews I've read are very positive and I hope I really enjoy the story and the characters.

  9. Hey!!
    It's the first review I read of this book, but I've read some comments from those who read it and liked it a lot.
    As I'm not used to reading synopses, I wasn't sure what the story was about, now I understand why many readers are wanting this book.
    it must be really interesting to meet the character Madeline.
    Apparently the book involved you and really conquered you, your review left me curious and eager to read this plot so engaging.
    Big kiss!

  10. Hey, how are you?
    I'm really curious to read this book. I like stories in this theme, and the way the book was built made me even more curious. Eager to discover this twist and see if the character will have a happy ending. I loved the edition, the editor is to be congratulated.

    Kisses, Gabi
    Kingdom of Madness


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