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Review: A Summer to Start Again - Morgan Matson



Taylor is a teenager in her seventeen years that holds some sorrows from the past. Not that he had many bad experiences in such a short time, but something that happened five years ago during the summer break still beats his heart badly.

And now you have to face a slightly more complicated situation than you really would like. Your father, your great friend has a terminal illness and the time that doctors gave you is only three months. And after having spent so much time running away from many things, since whenever she had to face something she ran away from home, her parents' wish is that they spend the summer at the Phoenix lake house with her brother Warren and your sister Gelsey.

“I carefully opened my bedroom door to see if the hall was empty. When I was sure, I slung the bag over my shoulder, silently closed the door behind me and ran down the stairs to the kitchen. It was eleven in the morning. In three hours we would be leaving for the lake - and I was running away. ” Page 7

This is a short description of what happens in the book a Summer to Start Over in Morgan Matson, which comes with a requested and well-quoted name in the literary field and is a best-selling author.

Looking at the cover you can think that both the image and the title will look like something about a teen romance, but when you read the synopsis you can see that it is a drama that will unfold and when you start reading the first chapters the connotation of something well more serious already shows up.

“She was right. I had tried, but with a little indifference. Just as I had done with Henry, and then I blamed my lack of courage in the circumstances that made me miss potential opportunities to redeem myself. ” Page 174

Not that there isn't going to be a romance. Of course it is, and this is the interesting way it all happens, since the character has a past to recover with both an old boyfriend and a best friend. But the dating issue happened at the age of twelve and, what made me happier, was seeing that the narrative, which goes back and forth in time to demonstrate the scenes, is not heavy but rather coherent. It is pure and innocent dating.

The family factor and the union that unfolds over the three summer months is a perception apart from the author's eyes. It is like when a family is united by normal coexistence and when it discovers excruciating pain, it needs to think about how to acclimate all the feeling with everything that will be faced.

“I looked at the hospital bed, which now seemed to have always been part of our dining room. My father, thin to the point of being scrawny, his skin yellow and thick as leather, was sleeping, his mouth open, looking so small in that huge white bed. His breathing was labored and labored, and I found myself listening to each inspiration, waiting for the next. ” Page.326

It is a book that talks a lot about friendship, about new beginnings, love, loss, but mainly about how it is possible to move on when you stop being afraid of the facts and face them in the best possible way. Beautiful and well described.



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