Review | A Dangerous Fortune - Ken Follett

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Cover of a Dangerous Fortune | Image: Editora Arqueiro

Ken Follett is undoubtedly one of the most profitable authors today. And no less. His agile writing and full of minutiae, delivers characters and stories more than engaging.

In his new book published by Publisher Arqueiro, A Dangerous Fortune, we are literally played in the middle of 1866 in a story that begins in a high-class school until it begins to be woven in reality years later, with some of the characters featured in the first pages.

The author introduces us to different people and families, such as the Pilaster, a powerful bank dynasty and the Miranda, one of the most violent families in Córdoba, now a city in Argentina.

Within a web, Ken Follett holds us close to lies that are much more accepted than truths, especially when it comes to appearances. Here, what really matters is social status. What the characters are under expensive clothes, it doesn't matter. In addition, the dispute for power within the family makes the reader disgusted by certain characters, mainly because of the way they manipulate everyone around them just so that everything goes as she wishes.

Desire and greed mix in pages and pages where it is difficult to separate heroes and villains, showing how much our eyes, even though they are part of the whole narrative, can still deceive us.

Ken Follett writes a story in the past, but with analogies to the present day, showing that privileges, power and revenge, nothing changes with the passage of time.

A Dangerous Fortune is a fascinating book, with quick lines to be read and bringing a historical context that will surely make you run for more information of this time so full of ups and downs in European society.


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